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Digital Quality Management System: How it Makes your Quality Processes Better?

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“Increase in Revenue and Profit, Reduced Expenses, and Better ROI.” 

Achieving this is the ultimate goal of every organization.

What if we said that we know a way you can achieve it quickly? 

Yes, that's true. 

One study found the average Digital Quality Management System implementation yields better results than before.

So, the next question that comes to mind is – “What is a DQMS and how can one help me? Why should I use it?”

Oh, we have written this blog to answer all your questions on a Digital Quality Management System.

Why Do You Need a Digital Quality Management System? (The Problems Faced By People in Quality Department)

To put it simply, you need Qsm Software to get rid of the traditional approach to quality management which consumes your time, effort, and resources.

You face these pain points due to a traditional approach –

  1. You rely on paper and legacy tools like Excel, Word, and PPTs and have to use different software for every task.
  2. You have a difficult time storing, maintaining, and retrieving documents. 
  3. You must focus some of your efforts on communication as there is hardly any integration between teams.

Which leads to a –

  1. Delay in decision making.
  2. Employees doing unproductive manual tasks that resulted in wasted efforts.
  3. The outdated methods make the processes inefficient and slow and keep you from focusing on growth.

How Does Digital Quality Management System Help You Do Better?

  1. It increases efficiency in processes, saves time and resources, and reduces wastage.
  2. It helps the firm deliver consistent results and continuously improve by reducing errors and mitigating risks.
  3. It impacts the company culture by creating a formal system for processes, procedures, and responsibilities.

All of this helps the firm enjoy the following results –

  1. Improvement in the quality of processes.
  2. More productivity and profitability.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction (internal and external), and
  4. A better overall offering of the firm.

Why Choose BizReNow’s Digital Quality Management System?

BizReNow’s Digital Quality Management System offers the following benefits/ features –

  • The entire QMS process is paperless, digitizes 16 modules, and data is stored electronically. Hence, the data remains safe, there’s no use of paper, and there's no hassle of storage.
  • List view with details, Live Dashboards 24/7, and One-click PDF Reports make compiling and sharing results with everyone quicker.
  • Instant Email Notifications from the Portal help you reduce the use of calls, emails, and messages to make communication an easy task, not a tedious one.
  • Access through mobile applications and desktop helps every team keep track of things anywhere, anytime, without being present physically.
  • The founding team has 72+ years of combined experience to help make implementing a quality management system a cakewalk.

In short, QMS software helps you remove non-value-added activities from your quality processes, leading to work ease.

Hence, it makes more time and saves more effort and resources for your team to focus on valuable things that can bring you growth.

Schedule a demo with us if there’s anything more you’d like to know about DQMS or understand how it can help your firm achieve its growth goals.



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