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Dining room ideas to suit every style in Melbourne

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There are a lot of aspects you have to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect solid timber dining table for your needs, including size, shape, durability, and price. For instance, if you often entertain and try to create a comfortable family experience in your dining area and add style with a unique table, it may be better to stick with round tables so that all said party-goers could see each other. Therefore, we are here to guide dining room ideas to suit your style. 

A Dining Room For Everyone

From a formal room for parties with friends to a cosy place to eat breakfast with the family, dining rooms have to work more than one job these days. So however you use your eating space, take a look at our dining room ideas that suit any style or budget. 

Make it Monochrome 

A black and white scheme always looks striking no matter the room. Grey walls, black and grey furniture, grey linens, as well as wooden accessories displayed on shelves for warmth will help balance the overall feel of drama in your space.

Paint a Wall Feature

You don't need to spend a fortune to create an elegant dining room. Instead, you can make a bold, instant visual impact with blue paint applied on top of white walls and white furniture coupled with accessories in navy colours that match your bold colour scheme.

Plump for Low-level Lighting

The centrepiece of any well decked out dinner table is the lighting. Choose lighting that projects over the centre of your dining table to provide an eye-popping glow, or place it directly on top of each plate in a group style dinner setting to enhance that intimate feel. Pendant lighting can be hung on the ceiling or around a window, or above any piece of art on the wall.

Make a Mini Gallery

Make the most of stylish wall panels by displaying a mini art gallery from its narrow ledge. Since it's located about chest height, this will give diners the chance to take in the artwork while they're seated at the table. Plus, it can start a conversation during what might otherwise be an awkward moment when there's nothing else to be said! Choose frames in exciting shapes and avoid using traditional ones that everyone has seen before.

Add Pattern to The Floor

A statement floor is a trendy look but can be pricey. But you'd never know that this intricate patchwork effect was in reality much less expensive (and easier to install) than one using actual tile – especially the natural tones of wooden furniture, for an immediate and cohesive finished appearance.

Industrial is Chic

Wow, feel the prevalent atmosphere just from walking into this fantastic diy kitchen! Recently there has been a significant upsurge of unique industrial-style kitchens around. These creations are created to outlive fads and ensure that it is your home sweet home for years to come.

Paint a Colour Statement

If you don't have a place to entertain at home, making the dining room into a place that's fitting for more than just special occasions can be done. Even though this room looks like it may have been painted with a dark grey color, warm wood tones and lush greenery give it a welcoming feeling.

Try a Tropical Look

Make your dining room scheme lush and vibrant with exotic botanical prints and jungle-style greenery. Frame eclectic wooden furniture with statement fern print Roman blinds and fill the room with green potted plants and natural wood furniture. 

Tuck in a Bench

Benches are great because they create a laid-back dining ambience for breakfast or casual meals and give off a ‘canteen feeling' vibe. Eating benches can add extra seats when required, making them space-saving, but they can be easily pushed under the table when not in use.

Use The Fireplace

Fireplaces in a dining room are best if they are surrounded by nothing but wooden flooring and a touch of green velvet from the seating. In addition, plenty of plants around the fireplace adds to the warm and cosy appeal. Together, these elements make for an inviting atmosphere that adds to the joy associated with dining out and having long conversations that go into the night!

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