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Imagine walking through a lobby, smelling too heavenly that every head turns to you to check out who was that. Seems like a scene from a typical Bollywood movie, doesn't it? Well, many of you might think that's impossible in reality. Even after using strong fragrance perfumes, you might be unable to create such a situation. Well, there's nothing wrong with the perfume. It's just that you didn't apply it correctly. But don't feel regretful about your method. Just follow these tips if you want something magical to happen.

The Right Time to Apply Perfume:

Already heard of “timing's a key” a million times. And this even applies to the time you spray your favourite fragrance. The best time to apply perfume is right after taking a shower. Your pores are open, the body is warm, and there is no bad odour at all. This way, the fragrance blends well with your natural body scent.

The Right Way to Spritz:

You can use unisex perfumes or whatever you like, but ensure spritzing it the right way. First, give it a gentle shake, hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from your body, and spray the perfume on different pulse points (where the blood vessels are closer to the skin). Do not rub or pat the part where you sprayed the perfume. And avoid over-spraying if you do not want to overpower the senses. This small tip can turn out to be a big one for you.

The Right Occasion:

Perfume should be according to the occasion and not anything else. If you are about to go to an official setting, like a meeting, conference, etc., avoid going with a strong fragrance that gets people on their nerves. Go with something lighter, soothing, and heavenly. On the other hand, if it's a wedding, party, or a similar setting, go with a bit stronger fragrance. But don't try to spritz more quantity. Just spray the right quantity that blends well with your body chemistry. These three tips will keep you on top of the fragrance game. So, follow it well.

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