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C-arm X-ray machines are commonly seen in medical practices. They are typically used to image the inside of a patient’s body, such as during a surgery or radiology test. However, you might not have realized that c-arms are also found outside the medical industry. In fact, manufacturers create c-arms for use in industries other than medicine. This article will explore what a c-arm is and how they work. It will also discuss some examples of other industries that use c-arms as well as tips on how to choose the right x-ray c-arm for your business.

What is a C-Arm?

C-arms are the large, aluminum frames that hold x-ray film in place. The term “c-arm” derives from the “X-Ray” part of the equation. A c-arm’s purpose is to move x-ray film from a holding reel to a x-ray machine. As the c-arm moves, the film records the patient’s body in a two-dimensional image. The c-arm is quite versatile. For example, a c-arm can be mounted on a ceiling, on a wall, or on a floor. It can be placed in a corner or in a straight line. A c-arm can be placed in a small or large room. A c-arm can be placed at an angle to a patient to capture multiple views of the patient’s body.

How C-Arm X-Ray Machines Work

Just as the name implies, a c-arm x-ray machine uses x-rays to create a two-dimensional image of a patient’s body. In this sense, they are similar to a standard photographic camera. The difference between the two types of cameras (the camera in a c-arm and the one in a standard camera) is that the c-arm uses a transparent medium, usually a piece of film, to record the image. The x-rays that the machine produces are high-energy rays that pass through patients and other materials, like air and bones, but are not absorbed by humans, which is why they are safe to use in public areas. However, x-rays can interact with materials and expose people to high levels of radiation.


A c-arm can be a great investment for your business. However, it is important to choose the right type of c-arm for your needs. You can also protect yourself and your workers by using safety precautions to reduce radiation exposure.


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