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Each steel plate has distinct characteristics, including anti-corrosion features and the ability to withstand different temperatures. Steel plates are utilized to construct railroads, structures, warehouses, bridges, and bridges since every building job differs. Therefore, choosing the correct steel plate is essential. Since it is available in different lengths, thicknesses and finishes, it is regarded as among the most versatile metals. Laxmi Enterprise is among India's top MS product suppliers that offer various steel dimensions and shapes to suit your requirements.

In This Blog, We'll Look in-depth at Different Types of Steel Plate Utilized for Construction.

Chequered Steel Plates

Chequered steel plate can be distinguished through angular, elevated designs across the exterior surface of the sheet. The elevated designs increase the grip on the sheet. It allows greater movement when it is employed in different applications. The users report fewer slips or skids because of the texture of the Mild Steel Plates. This is why it's the best product for industrial staircases, parking flooring and pathways. Its smooth surface makes it the safest and most secure movement. The MS plate’s surfaces can withstand unwanted substances like grime, dust, oils and various liquids.

MS Plates

These types of ms plate are made of mild steel and are typically employed in building and construction because of their flexibility and their flexibility. It's made of carbon steel and can be found in various sizes and thicknesses. The plates are very easy to join and form in the desired form. They can also be formed into multiple steel machines and structures thanks to the flexible ability that allows them to be cut and formed into various designs. Many MS plate supplier in vadodara offer high-quality and reliable MS plates often used in multiple industries such as construction, manufacturing, engineering and other sectors. Additionally, they are employed to design offshore machinery for the shipping industry.

Galvanised Steel Plate

Galvanized steel plates stand out among the different types of metal for their durability and resistance. Galvanization provides an extra strength layer by submerging the steel in hot zinc. Steel plates galvanized with zinc can form different designs despite their toughness. Galvanized plates come with an extra layer of zinc that improves their resistance against scratches. This is utilized in many home appliances, such as heating systems for hot water. Furthermore, roofs and shed products like corrugated roofing sheets typically employ it. Due to its long-lasting strength, it's often used in automobiles.

G.I. & B.I. Plates

Steel plates made of galvanized iron or black iron plates are commonly employed in the construction industry. G.I. sheets stand out due to their protective coating of metallic that is corrosion resistant. B.I. sheets are produced using the elements of aluminium and copper. In addition, galvanizing with electric power can be done. When zinc is placed on the sheet, an electric current runs across the sheet. This is why it's more robust to the effects of different types.

Ms Steel Plate's Advantages Can Be Seen in These Aspects:

  • Strong: These steel plates are an extremely durable material and are far greater than all other metals' strength. The steel plate can provide a broad range of industry sectors, like bridges, construction, ships, automobile manufacturing, and many more.

  • High wear resistance: The hardness of the MS plates offers a high wear resistance. The different types of sheet metal have various uses, including road construction, mines, etc.

  • Corrosion resistance: Steel plate is resistant to chemical compounds and has numerous applications in petroleum, chemical, and other sectors.

  • Easy to work with: these types of steel plates are easy to work. As they can be easily welded and bended to give the desired shapes.

  • Reusable: The mild steel plates are reusable and recyclable. They can be reused that minimizes the impact on the environment and promote sustainable development.

  • Economical: The prices of MS plates are lower than other metal materials. This is highly beneficial for projects with a limited budget.

The chequered plate supplier serves a wide range of industries and fields because of their product advantages, which include strong toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, simple processing, and cost-effectiveness.


Mild Steel plates are an essential building material extensively used in various industries and have diverse applications. At Laxmi Enterprise, we offer a variety of mild steel products to choose from. Our wide range of mild steel products, such as MS bars, MS TMT bars, MS round bars, MS pipes, MS channels and other products, have served various Businesses.

So, if you're looking for high-quality, affordable Mild steel plates or other mild steel products, Laxmi Enterprise is the best choice that offers different types of plating and affordable products with no compromise on high-end quality. Our trusted manufacturing vendors produce these products with the highest grade of raw material and standard production process. Our high-quality and reliable products have enabled us to become India's leading mild steel supplier and wholesaler. To know more about our products, call us today to request a quote.

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