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Bhutan is a mesmerizing Himalayan Kingdom in South Asia, which is a dream destination for tourists due to its natural beauty, rich culture, and heritage, unique traditions, and Buddhist sites. Visiting this stunning country will surely please your eyes with the lush valleys, pristine rivers, and rocky mountains. 

To plan a serene tour of the country, you can contact the best Bhutan tour operators. The tour operators will first consider your motive for travelling to select the ideal package for you. One thing that will amaze you in Bhutan is the initiative of the government as well as local people to promote and preserve their authentic cultural values. Let’s explore some of the major aspects of the diverse culture of Bhutan. 

  1. People and Religion 

There are four ethnic groups in Bhutan’s population, which are Lhotshampa, Ngalop, Sharchop, and the other Indigenous groups. The Ngalop are the most culturally and politically influential people in the country, who have originated from Tibet. The people included in the indigenous groups are from the West Bengal and Assam regions of India. Herein, the majority of the population follows the religion of Mahayana Buddhism.

  1. Etiquette 

The etiquette or ‘Driglam Namzha’ that must be followed by the Bhutanese people has been developed by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. This set of etiquettes is also created based on Buddhist beliefs. It includes an elaborate guide about the dress code and behavioral conduct of the people. You must always remember the fact that one must dress modestly and remove the shoes before entering any temples, Dzongs, or monasteries.

  1. Food and Drinks 

One thing that is compulsory in all Bhutanese food items is chili. They love to eat their food spicy and the national food of the country is Ema datshi which is a stew made with cheese and of course chilli. Some of the other popular foods that you must try are orange marmalade, momos, and jasha maru. The traditional alcoholic drink that most people drink here is Ara and suja is another non-alcoholic drink that is served on social occasions. 

  1. Festivals 

The festivals of Bhutan are extremely colorful and vibrant, where you can witness storytelling, masked dance, and singing. The performances that are done in the festivals often represent the life of Guru Rinpoche. Some of the festivals that you can add to your Bhutan tour packages are Thimphu Tsechu, Punakha Drubchen, Haa Summer Festival, and Paro Tsechu.

  1. Architecture 

Architecture is one of the most essential aspects of Bhutanese culture and no use of iron nails for the construction of the buildings is the most amazing fact about it. The traditional architectural style of the country based on its climate and geography often includes wooden works, slopped roofs, and earthen walls.

  1. Traditional Attire 

It has been made mandatory by the Bhutanese government to wear traditional attire while visiting any government offices or attending a special occasion. This initiative helps in showcasing the unique culture of the country, where the traditional dress of women is Kira and Gho for men. It is also necessary for people to carry a scarf with their dresses.

  1. Music and Dance 

The various dance and music forms of Bhutan are part of the major festivals and have been influenced by religious practices. Masked or Chham dances are the main dance forms that are used to showcase various stages of Guru Rinpoche’s life. To add melody to the performances, a musical instrument known as symbal is played. 

The pride among the Bhutanese people regarding their culture and traditions is the main thing that makes Bhutan a unique country. You can contact the best tour operators in Bhutan to plan your trip, where you can witness the people embracing their simple lifestyle by respecting their cultural values.

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