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Discover the ultimate significance of as built documents in construction progress

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Professionals have the know-how of the construction process and can’t ignore the significance of as-built documentation. They are very useful and provide crucial information during and after construction. As-built documentation is used to document all modifications and adjustments that are made during construction. This allows for easy retrieval of information for any plan or design changes. As built documentations are easily accessible information about the actual construction that helps keep the process in flow without any margin of errors. Inconsistencies in the design plans or the as-built documentation can lead to costly delays and rework during the maintenance and renovation phases. That’s why using as-built documentation can work wonders and make the construction process flawless and relatively easy.

Delve more into the importance of as built documentation

Digital as-built documents greatly improve data management and control in construction projects. As built documents can help in the identification of many conflicts between plans and as-built drawings. Digital visualization can help identify and resolve issues before they occur. This includes cross-sectional and 2D/3D visualizations. 

As built can be used to detect conflicts and re-document existing buildings. It also helps reduce change orders for ongoing projects. Digital as-built drawings uplift the efficiency, productivity, and delivery of a construction process. 

Upon learning how to integrate as-built documentation into your construction process. You can experience significant improvements in construction management and project delivery. 

Why is it necessary to have as-built documentation? 

Even with the most efficient construction methods and advanced VDC or BIM methodologies, a building can still differ from its original design. The project model and information associated with it must be updated in accordance with the current status. A model that matches the construction is expected to result in a model that represents an actual twin

The final structure does not match the design model exactly. Real-world problems like scheduling constraints, budget changes, and unexpected events can cause this. Re-designs and rework are required. Even the best BIM and VDC methodology, even the smoothest building process, can result in a building that is different from the original design. 

What does as-built documentation serve? 

For clients, as-built documentation can be used in many ways, including: 

  • General contractors need to keep current records to prove that they have completed the work according to the agreed standards 
  • Facility managers and owners need to have access to the historical data of their building, from its original design to its current condition, for detailed maintenance and operational tasks and sometimes advanced simulations. 
  • Companies who work on building in the future. For instance, contractors. They need accurate measurements and schematics to do renovations or improvements. 

As-Builts Boost project’s sustainability

The social, environmental, and economic elements evaluate the sustainability of a project, and as-built documentation increases it. You can get the professional services of as-built documentation from accomplished companies like JayCad to remain safe from errors and flaws.


BIM and As-builts improve the social sustainability of a project by providing better facilities design that is centered on building users' living conditions. Building owners have the ability to review and critique the design model before a facility is built. A BIM platform allows for a more collaborative way of working. This makes it possible to convert a fragmented working environment into a more cohesive one that facilitates better communication between shareholders and better decision-making before a facility is built. 


As-builts are a great way to ensure economic sustainability. They allow you to accurately estimate the materials required and keep track of any changes. BIM-based cost-estimating software automates estimates and bills, as well as the entire production. 


As-builts and BIM are able to simulate the performance of a building in order to evaluate its energy consumption and environmental performance. You can correct problems and avoid errors at incredible rates.


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