Choosing the perfect size for baby diapers is no easy task. It can be tricky to judge a size that is comfortable for your baby and also ensures maximum absorbency. Depending on the age and size of your baby, you need to select the right size of the diaper.

For babies under 3 months, Diapers Size1 should be used. They have a snug fit and are meant to fit babies up to 10 lbs. Size 2 diapers are best suited for babies 3-6 months old and weigh from 8-14 lbs. Size 3 diapers are designed for babies from 16-28 lbs. and are ideal for babies between 6-9 months of age.  Size 4 diapers are perfect for babies between 22-37 lbs. and between 9-14 months old. Size 5 diapers are recommended for babies that weigh 27-35 lbs. and are between 12-18 months old. Lastly, size 6 diapers are best for babies that weigh over 35 lbs.

It’s best to always check the size of the diaper bag when purchasing diapers to ensure that you always get the right size for your baby. With the right baby diaper, your baby will not only be comfortable but also safe and secure.