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Getting your new home constructed from scratch? Think about one of the most interesting yet widely neglected topics, that is, the floor plan. Trends are changing and so are the needs of every family. To suit the modern needs of a family, a home floor plan plays an important role. So, when it comes to custom designing your home with Wellington home builders, you may have to decide whether to build an open concept plan or a traditional one. Since you’re looking for trendy and stylish homes, open floor plans are most commonly used. A few people still love traditional floor plans, but that totally depends on what you like and what best supports your family’s needs and wants.

But, before you get down to discussing some floor plan designs with new home builders Wellington, it is essential to understand the difference between the two.

Open Floor Plan vs. Traditional Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan is typically seen in custom homes and semi-custom homes. The floor plan emphasizes structuring an inviting atmosphere. Since it has fewer walls separating different areas in the space, it automatically looks spacious and open. For instance, the homes have a wide-open space locating the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Added features offer you more living space.


  • The floor plan facilitates a shared space by creating fewer walls separating rooms. It gives you the convenience to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • The open-living concept enhances your home's appearance with less effort. As walls don’t block the view of other pretty areas of the home, it lets you highlight well maintained and beautifully decorated corners.


  • Upgrading to an open concept living for a traditional one in your existing home can be difficult as it includes removing walls, installing beams, and so on.
  • If you’re someone with a place that is always cluttered, maintaining cleanliness and organization in your open-living space can be challenging.

Traditional Floor Plan

A Traditional Floor Plan is often seen in older constructed homes. The design has rooms and spaces with walls that separate them. Unlike the open living concept, a traditional floor plan creates a greater sense of privacy. Such wall enclosed rooms may not look smaller but only ‘closed’. Comparatively, your home may feel less overwhelmed.


  • You can style each corner of the home differently as you don’t need to maintain a flow. Simply put, all your rooms and spaces can be decorated differently.
  • You get more sound control and privacy due to the walls.


  • The floor plan may feel a bit stuffy and closed.
  • If your family has kids, having a more private space means you cannot keep an eye on them.
  • Such closed spaces make it challenging for you to spend quality time with family members.

Ready to decide on a plan?

If you’ve already decided which plan suits your needs or wants the best, it is time you put your ideas before the chosen new home builders Wellington. Partnering up with one of the most renowned Wellington home builders like Stonewood Homes, you’re guaranteed to get a house that’s built to last. Contact the best builders in Wellington to design something that fulfils your lifestyle. Constructing a new home is challenging for sure, but when you have experts by your side, there is no looking back.

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