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The packaging style plays a vital role in the creating brand image of any product. The way you present your product can help you in creating a unique identity for your item.

Sometimes your product got famous just because of its stunning representation. Packaging brands offer an array of box styles that can make your product distinctive and easy to identify.

Custom Counter Display boxes are one of them. However, there are a lot of variations that can be made as per the customer’s choice.

The gracefully presented product can drag more customers easily and also help you in getting more revenue in results. A display box with a Logo can help you grow and also give you a wide opportunity to promote your brand in the industry.

There are many different styles of display boxes that can be used to showcase products or items. Here are a few examples:

Clear acrylic display boxes

 These Custom Display boxes are made of clear acrylic and are often used for displaying small items such as jewelry, figurines, or collectibles. They are lightweight, durable, and allow for easy viewing of the item inside.

These boxes are categorized as luxury boxes. However, they are mostly used to send cakes and gifts on special occasions.

Wooden display boxes

These boxes are made of wood and can be customized to fit the size and style of the item being displayed. They are often used for displaying high-end products such as watches, glasses, or cigars.

These boxes are only made on demand. They are costly and heavy in weight that’s why not much suitable for international-level shipment.

Glass display boxes

Glass display boxes, like acrylic display boxes, are frequently used to showcase small goods such as jewelry or collectibles. They are heavier than acrylic yet have a more upscale and sophisticated appearance.

Wire display boxes

 Made of wire mesh, these boxes are commonly used to exhibit objects such as books, periodicals, or brochures. They are popular for trade exhibitions and retail displays since they are lightweight and simple to assemble.

Cardboard display boxes

These cardboard boxes are frequently used for temporary exhibits or showcasing things in retail environments. They are lightweight, low-cost, and may be personalized with graphics or logos.

These are the most commonly used box styles that can be used to pack and present common household items. However, the window display boxes are mostly created with cardboard stock.

Kraft Boxes

These Kraft boxes are an alternative to cardboard boxes. However, these boxes are made with pure degradable stock that is affordable, lightweight, and safe for the product as well as for the ecosystem.

Mostly CBD display boxes are made with Kraft or cardboard stock. Because both are safe for the product and secure enough too.

Metal display boxes

These metal boxes are frequently used to display objects such as tools, knives, or other durable goods. These are strong and long-lasting display solutions, but they are heavier and more expensive than other types of display boxes.

Fabric display boxes: 

Made of fabric, these boxes are frequently used to display items such as clothing, accessories, or soft goods. They offer a soft and attractive display solution that is easily customizable with logos or branding.

Summing Up:

These are just a few of the many different types of display boxes that are available. The type used will be determined by the item being shown, the intended audience, and the overall aesthetic of the presentation.


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