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So, for now, we remain a victim of our ego. We continueCosmicSpirit Animal Review to be enslaved to its cravings. The ego still rules the world, as it has done since the beginning of history. Statistically, chances of overcoming the ego's stranglehold and achieving enlightenment in this lifetime are slim for most of humanity.

But we don't have to continue to live the way we always have, do we? After all, we did come from the spirit realms to the physical world for the very purpose of learning how to overcome the grip which the ego has on us every time we come here and all the ego's negative emotions. Must we waste yet another lifetime under the ego's never-ending tyranny?

According to Dr. Hawkins, the solution to the ego's incessant demands is to give up wantingness. When you let go of wanting, you no longer are dominated by desire, anger, or fear.

Dr. Hawkins reminds us that we are creating everything we experience in life, including our belief in need and scarcity. He invites us to accept the world as being the way it's supposed to be at this time: a place in which we can pay off our karmic debts from previous lifetimes and maximize our opportunities for spiritual growth in this lifetime. He also says that your negative feelings are not you. You are a divine spiritual being. Your negative feelings belong to the ego.



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