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In this materialistic world, people strive to gain mental peace. After a busy week or month, if you want divine solace and peace of mind, the Bhutan Spiritual Tour is the best plan to boost your mind and keep it stress-free. Let’s journey to the mountains of divinity with Bhutan Best Inbound Tour and explore various peaceful monasteries and mountains in Bhutan which are beyond the appearances of the ordinary world.. Here is a list of aesthetic spots in Bhutan. 

  1. Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma, which towers over Thimphu valley, is a magnificent sight. You can catch sight of the entire Thimphu city from here. It is a perfect place conducive to sitting and relaxing your body and mind and practicing mindfulness. You can choose to sit in front of the gigantic Buddha statue in the Dhyana mudra (meditation posture) or just climb the hill behind the statue of the Buddha and be alone and quiet the mind.

It was completed in 2015 and was built for the nation's prosperity. The Buddha Dordenma is a renowned pilgrimage site for locals and a major tourist attraction, standing 51 meters tall. 

Make a point of climbing up behind Buddha to get a bird's-eye view. 

  1. Tiger's Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang)

The Tiger's Nest Monastery is also called Taktsang Monastery, is just outside of Paro and is the most popular tourist attraction in Bhutan. 

The Tiger's Nest Monastery and the whole place around it is considered sacred and believed to have been blessed by the presence of the Great Tantric Master Guru Rinpoche. If you are at this place take a moment to sit in silence and take in the positive energy of the place. 

The Tiger Nest Hike is Bhutan's most sacred site and should not be missed. Because many visitors only stay for four days in the country, this is a popular choice because it's near the airport and only takes a couple of hours to climb. 

It is a 1000 meter ascent to a height of around 3000 meters. The beautiful monastery that clings to the side of a cliff is what makes this walk so amazing. 

Tiger's Nest Monastery is likely to be the first image you see while searching for Bhutan photographs.



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