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Do AirPods Come with A Mic? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Both wireless earbuds of Apple come with microphones. But, AirPods Pro includes two inward-facing mics to give you an incredible listening experience.

Apple’s AirPods are renowned for their excellent wireless sound. Besides, these wireless earbuds integrate well with Apple Watch, iPhone, and various other products and services of Apple. Plus, AirPods also feature a microphone. While talking about the microphone, it is pretty sure that they make a big difference in the sound quality. Also, they make a difference in the way you use the product.

If you have earbuds that contain a microphone will give you a better sound experience than those that don’t. Both AirPods and AirPods Pro are equipped with many mics. However, AirPods Pro has more mics than AirPods that serves several exciting purposes. No doubt, it deserves more discussion.

AirPods: Since Their Launch till Now

Apple released the AirPods wireless earbuds in 2016. Soon, these earbuds became the most popular in the world.  By 2019, AirPods managed to hold a significant portion of the global market. However, to date, the tech giant has released only two versions of its wireless earbuds since the release of the original one.

One was the second generation of Apple AirPods. It brought faster connectivity, longer talk time, and hands-free Siri interaction. The other wireless earbuds model that Apple brought the people is the AirPods Pro.

It came with many other advanced features like active noise cancellation, excellent audio quality, and transparency. The availability of transparency mode helps users to listen to the outside sounds without removing their earbuds.

Standard AirPods’ Microphone Explained

The standard AirPods come with a microphone at the end of the stem on each side. Users use this microphone to interact with the virtual assistant of Apple, i.e., Siri. For example, one can activate Siri virtual assistant on their device by using the phrase Hey Siri.

The person wearing the wireless earbuds can ask Siri to get the weather updates. Plus, you can use

Siri to switch between your favorite music playlists. Besides, users can read various messages using this intelligent voice assistant Siri and much more.

Above all, microphones also pick up your voice while wearing wireless earbuds when you answer phone calls. In addition, both microphones available in Apple’s standard earbuds can reduce noise and lower background noise. All these things make AirPods great when you receive or make calls.

When it comes to AirPods Pro, it includes multiple microphones. It will cost you $90 more than the standard one. The multiple microphones included in these wireless earbuds improve the audio quality significantly.

All About AirPods Pro’s Microphones

Apple’s AirPods Pro is equipped with four microphones. The two microphones are used in the same way as you use the microphones in the standard AirPods. They are used to listen to voice commands, interact with voice assistant Siri, and answer phone calls.

The Other two microphones can be found situated in the portion of the wireless earbuds. They fit perfectly inside your ears. Here, you won’t need to worry that Apple is trying to listen to your internal conversation by doing such a placement. On the contrary, these microphones are ideal for capturing the sound formed by your ears. Plus, these can pick up any sound leak.

In simple terms, it means that AirPods Pro tunes the sound precisely for each ear and individual. The active noise cancellation happens automatically in the AirPods Pro. It hears leaks or outside sounds that penetrate and counter it with anti-noise. Thus, it is a reverse waveform of undesired sounds coming from the outside.

Users can switch off this using the transparency mode when they want outer sound. For calls and voice commands, the tech giant allows users to set the external microphones of both wireless earbuds, i.e., AirPods and AirPods Pro, in whatever way they want. For example, you can set them to listen to the left earbud or right earbud.

Besides, you can set them to automatic mode also. But, of course, all these depend on which model provides you the best listening experience with the slightest noise. Overall, Apple has made everything very smooth, whether it is calls or interaction, by including two microphones in its standard earbuds. Besides, it improves the noise canceling and sound quality by including two inward-facing microphones in its AirPods Pro.

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