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Do Flavored Coffee Pods Represent the Future?

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Not really; better yet said, flavored coffee pods represent the convenience a modern human can utilize in order to secure a time-efficient source of caffeine without sacrificing much in the way of quality.

So Are There No Downsides?

Obviously, a beverage made by a machine will not taste like the all-natural leaf miracle tea your beloved grandmother used to make. While they may not invoke the feelings of gratitude for a cup of coffee brewed by your affectionate spouse, they sure are convenient. You also won’t have to wait for a middle-aged Mexican man who traveled many miles on his trusted donkey just to deliver a can of ground coffee, but the drink will always taste the same. If it does not, that is a sign that something is off, and you might want to check your devices, which some might be thankful that it is an efficient way of letting you know there might be tummy danger afoot.

Thinking about it,Michelin Stars follow the same train of thought when awarded. The level of quality must remain the same, a standard to follow and never betray.

The brewing of flavored coffee pods , and pods in general, have to be made by specialized machines. Hence, an initial investment is to be expected, and while quite pricey depending on your financial situation, in hindsight, one would find out that using a flavored coffee pod is less expensive than brewing your own “Coconut Macaroon” cup.

Sounds Logical to All but Skeptics

There is no reasonable argument that can be made to persuade those who simply prefer the traditional way. Still, one can’t merely ignore innovations, and the choices flavored coffee cups offer. The people working for a professional coffee company have quite the selection and can surely accommodate all in respect to what their preferred cup of joe might be. Besides flavored coffee cups, they have a respectable amount of choice when it comes to regular coffee, even going as far as to put out limited editions for those that don’t yet feel spoiled for choice. There is also tea!

Speaking of Tea

Keurig tea cups are the equivalent of flavored coffee cups, but for those that choose to spend their 5’o clock break in a more refined manner. Also boasting a wide selection of flavors, Keurig tea cups are as easy to make as their hyperactive counterpart, and you don’t even need a separate machine in order to make them.

Speaking of Options

Flavored coffee pods and Keurig tea cups can all be purchased from professional coffee company, but the machine that can brew those cups, namely the Keurig, must be purchased separately. Also, one must have in mind that not all flavored coffee cups are compatible with every single machine. Brands are loyal to their own, and as such, the brewing methods differ, demanding your loyalty. Demand might be a strong word; it’s more like an aggressive plea, hinting at the fact that they offer the best services, have the widest variety, and are the most customer-friendly.

The Future is Now, Old Man

They know. There are countless examples of people transitioning from the traditional and thorough to the modern and quick, and as such many guides and reviews can be found online, that help you decide whether or not you want to follow suit. You can find many examples of people documenting their experiences with such devices and helping others make an informed decision. Not only that but tips and tricks on adequately maintaining and using your flavored coffee cup maker are also made readily available. Genuine people enjoying a product that shares their experiences are excellent sources of information because of their unbiased opinion on the subject matter. And while you soak in all that information, you learn new things that might just catch your eye, such as the fact that you can even make cold brews from the same device that makes your coffee. Utilizing Keurig tea cups to make yourself an iced tea is not even an inconvenience, and yes, since the option exists, you can play around with all the different brewing settings, possibly discovering a combination you are fond of that would be otherwise a hassle to obtain using more traditional methods.

Owning a Brewing Machine

The argument between traditionally brewed versus machine-brewed beverages can only be decided by yourself. Whether you think something made with human hands, prone to mistakes but unique and usually much better received considering someone put effort to ensure your satisfaction or something brewed by a strict unthinking device that sticks to the rules it’s been programmed to function with, there are clear advantages and disadvantages. The price of maintaining a device is more significant, although not by much, and there is always a chance of it breaking down. But the choices it offers cannot be reproduced naturally in the same amount of time required for a human to achieve the same results. Bear in mind, that we must use the term “same results” generously because there aren’t many coffee shops out there that can offer a handmade “Blueberry Truffle” flavored coffee.

There can be no doubt that people who don’t much care for tradition, embrace technology, and want to have a plethora of choices when it comes to your morning brew should invest in such a device. One must understand there is no right way of enjoying life and all it can offer; if you’re someone that enjoys drinking your morning coffee in your usual place, made exactly how you like it by your regular barista, then more power to you, you are doing absolutely nothing wrong.

As always, it’s best to make an informed decision based on your own preferences. If flavored coffee cups and Keurig tea cups sound like something that would make your life easier and your day tastier, then you probably won’t regret acquiring a brand new brewing device.


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