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Millions of infertile parents bless with the advancement of In Vitro Fertilization(IVF). In medical research, this discovery has assisted many people in achieving their aspirations of being a parent. But most people believe that babies born through IVF at the IVF center in Bihar are less healthier than those born naturally. These incorrect ideas are challenged by medical specialists, who are constantly attempting to find a myth-busting solution.

First, we have to compare the procedure of IVF and natural conception to get a conclusion. Both techniques include the fertilization of eggs by sperm. The natural process occurs in the fallopian tube. In IVF, the fertilization process takes place in a dish in a specific lab. In a natural conception, the developed embryo travels to the uterus, where it is naturally implanted for pregnancy. On another side, laboratory-created embryos place in the uterus artificially. After the embryo(s) transfer to the uterus, the phases are the same as natural conception. If you think logically, you can understand that IVF babies can be as healthy as naturally born babies.

People tend to think that IVF babies are unnatural and more likely to fall into higher-risk categories. Yes, indeed, IVF babies are often born early and with low birth weight. Babies conceived using IVF may acquire autism or any other learning issue. Research has indicated that male or female fertility and their ages are more likely to be responsible for these abnormalities than the process itself.

After considering all these things, IVF is still a blessing for people unable to conceive a child naturally. It has been shown that the majority of kids born through IVF treatment are healthy and don't have any long-term issues. You can give yourself the happiness you've always wanted by taking a few precautions given by IVF doctors.

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