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The Best Way To Eat Garlic To Lower Blood Pressure If you BPS5 Review  want to lower your blood pressure and enjoy all the health benefits of garlic then you must eat it raw. Clearly, this does not sound like an appetising prospect. The reason for this is that cooking will destroy the properties of allicin.

The best way to eat garlic raw is to find capsules that contain raw, crushed garlic in a powder form. When you swallow these tablets, there is no garlic breath to worry about afterwards.How Much Lower Can Your B.P. Go?The results of taking garlic will vary but you can expect between a drop in your b.p. of between up to 10 mmHg but probably closer to 5 mmHg.

Garlic alone is unlikely to cure you of your high b.p. problems but it is one of the best supplements that you can take as it provides many great benefits with zero apparent cost. There are also other supplements that you can take at the same time as garlic that will help you to lower it even further e.g. fish oil capsules.In this article, I'll explain why more salt can lead to high blood pressure. I'll also show you why it is not just salt that you need to be aware of and also how you can get double the benefit if you lower your salt intake at the same time as doing something else.



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