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Every organisation consists of a Pre Employment Verification Service which consists of the verification of the employee's personal significance and work experience in the genres of their past work experiences, where a thorough Criminal Background Checks for Employment is also a major part of. However, many companies include the medical examination procedure also inside their Pre Employment Verification Service, ensuring the health status of their employee, as looking after their newly hired work candidate, causing no issues and delays on their part because of their sincere health status. Therefore, today it is very much important and at times mandatory for the companies to run a full health checkup for their employees at the time of their hiring, whereas such camps are also done on an annual basis which also check up on drug tests as well, in some multinational firms.


This employment checkup therefore includes the detailed list of basic screening process and investigations which directs towards the aim of concluding the fitness requirement of the employment of the individual, declaring whether the individual is fit to work in the corporate lifestyle or not. Therefore, below we have listed some of the major benefits for the company in order to run a pre employment checkup which hence also includes the health structuralisation as well. They are as follows:


  • The maintenance of safety at the workplace is the main aim of any company, as the candidate should be perfectly mentally fit to understand the job role and should also maintain a positive rapport with the other mates around them which should not come with an intend to hurt or harm the other employees at all costs, specifically in terms of physical or also mental health part, which could work around the jobs of providing them with drive helps, piloting or also working under automation and more.


  • The record of health compilation thus tends to have an establishment which should also start with a baseline of data which cannot be used against the job role of the employee, including any medical conditions or addition of the employee, or also at times certain contagious diseases which can adversely affect the whole working environment around.


  • The ascertained efficiency and productivity level of the employee could also be tested as if the individual does not have any medical concern by their side, then they would dedicate most of their time doing jobs which are productive in nature and can also contribute the most towards the growth of the company, as healthy employees do have a straight proportion with the amount of productivity and efficacy they intend towards their life strata or segment.


  • The cost of the company for the medical reimbursements can also be low as the health treatment procedure now-a-days costs more than anything in the world. Small treatments also now-a-days are very high in cost for which the company has their clauses and ultimately need to suffer and pay tons of money for every employee, as times full or at times partial money on fleek. Also, the employees who suffer from long-time illness thus require frequent hospitalisation tenure, where every time or nearly every month the company pays their part under the written mandatory clause.


Hence, the pre-employment checkup schedules usually include the basic to chronic screening tests which have a broad spectrum of assessment inside under the health of the potential candidate. Every company has their tie-ups with several hospitals where together such processes or camps are maintained and organised in row. Thus, they may include the complete physical examinations with blood sugar test, urine routine, blood group, blood count, various X-Rays, lipid profiles, liver functions, drug tests, HIV test, Hepatitis test and more.


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