Do You Know the Hidden Effects of Mould on Your Health?

Mould is often underestimated! You just see it on your walls and ceilings and assume that it’s a kind of dirt and clean it! But, actually mould is more than just a spot of dirt in your home. It’s actually a build-up of microorganisms that get accumulated on a certain surface and can cause infections and other health hazards. Having said that, you shouldn’t also forget that it is the mould that ruins the very beauty of your home and can spread across the entire place making it look more untidy.

Rarely Known Hazards of Mould on Human Health!

It’s very essential to call Asbestos Australia for mould removal in Melbourne the moment you get a glimpse of it. They’ll tackle the issue perfectly and won’t let a single spot of it remain that can destroy your home’s beauty and safety further. And to know the immediate need of doing so, read on about its drastic effects on your health:

  • Mould and miscarriage are linked — It is a serious situation, but not all know that pregnant women are especially very vulnerable to mould. Constant exposure may cause miscarriage, birth defects, infertility, and even death. Mould releases lethal mycotoxin spores that can cause a neurological breakdown, decay in your immune system, and skin irritations.
  • Mould in schools can cause allergies and asthma —The presence of mould in your child’s school’s walls and ceilings causes infections, allergies and even asthma. These get mixed with the particles in the air and that is how it increases the risk of respiratory issues amongst children.
  • Almost all sinus infections are caused by mould — Mould leads to various respiratory issues and problems. And this infection is also a root cause of sinus. Studies also prove that the more you are exposed to mould, the higher are the risks of your sinus infections getting tougher and more serious.
  • Mould is also linked to cancer — Though there isn’t any direct proof and connection, but still most medical experts do believe that mould can cause cancer if you are exposed constantly to it. The most common type of cancer that it may cause is lung cancer and it can also be deadly.
  • Dead mould spores are just as harmful as the live ones — If you think that the leftover spores or spots of mould aren’t dangerous to you anymore, then you are highly mistaken. Dead mould spores are just as dangerous and risky as the live ones. And the result of exposure to it can be as deadly as the ones listed above.

It’s scary and strange that just some dots of dark mould formation on your wall’s surface can cause your health so much damage. This is not all — constant exposure to it can even prove to be fatal and deadly. So, the next time you see these in your home, don’t take the situation lightly at all. 


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Written by Eada Hudes


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