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Do you know why high protein seeds are important for our body?

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  1. Sunflower Seeds:- 

High protein seeds – Sunflower seeds pack in Vitamin B-6, It is essential for metabolism. It helps ensure your body gets as much energy from the foods you eat as possible, Sunflower seeds are a great way to get manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium, Magnesium, and copper.

When combined with Vitamin B-6 as it is in sunflower seeds, It helps to reduce symptoms of PMS. 

Along with maintaining your strong bones, low blood pressure, proper muscle contraction. Keeping enough magnesium in our diets may also help us stay cool, calm, and together by staving off symptoms of worry.


  1. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin Seeds inside the orange-fleshed pumpkin are mature with iron, magnesium, vitamin K,  phosphorus, and manganese. Sethji dry fruits Offering many similar benefits as other seeds due to their mineral content, pumpkin seeds stand out for providing a dose of iron and provide are the best celebration pack . Is very essential for vegetarians who don’t get iron from animal products,                       

The vitamin K in pumpkin seeds helps your bone strength and healthy blood clotting.  


  1. Watermelon Seeds:

Watermelon seeds quell more protein than peanuts and almonds with magnesium and zinc. Magnesium always helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. And also have a good source of folate and iron, niacin. Niacin and folate are B-vitamins that support the nervous system, digestive system, and healthy skin. Watermelon seeds contain healthy fats that have been shown to improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation.


  1. Flax Seeds:

Flax seeds help to create a scrappy dose of gut-strengthening fiber with a heart-healthy blend of fats. It is one of the best sources of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids.  

high protein seeds flaxseed nutrients are ensuring everyone gets the full benefit of this super seed.



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