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Do You Need Cricut Access? [Top 10 Benefits & Pricing Included]

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Do you need Cricut Access? This question might have crossed your mind. These are some common questions that I get regularly. Not only this, but people also ask how Cricut access work and do I need Cricut access to use Design Space. I have been using Cricut Access for a long time and taking advantage of all the images, fonts, and discounts, of course. But for those who don’t know anything about Cricut Access, I should first tell them what it is.

What Is Cricut Access?

Its subscription plan provides unlimited use of more than 200,000 Cricut graphics, fonts, and default cut projects. Also, Access subscribers get discounts on Cricut.com purchases. So, in short, you pay Cricut to get lots of advantages. However, people may wonder why I should get it and how it is worth it. For them, I have a few strong points that show their importance.

Why Do You Need Cricut Access?

Here are the top 10 reasons to get Cricut Access:

  • It offers you over 200,000 images at a very low price, and the images are added on a weekly basis.
  • You get up to 700 writing fonts.
  • If you buy an image or a font from Design Space, the Access subscription will pay for it automatically.
  • It offers you faster member support, almost as twice much. The good part is you will be prioritized over those who haven’t gotten access.
  • You get a 10% discount on all purchases on Cricut.com machines and materials.
  • You get access to the special features in Cricut Design Space, including Automatic Background Remover, unlimited collection, and more shapes.
  • It also offers exclusive discounts on products like the Mystery boxes with Cricut Cutie figures.
  • Some products can be purchased by Access members. Hence, you get many exclusive products offers.
  • You also get a deduction if you have a craft business.
  • You can craft faster with access as you don’t rely on buying or searching for free stuff. You can take full advantage of the access.

How Can You Get Cricut Access?

On your desktop, go to the Cricut Shop and click Cricut Access and select a plan. Ensure you sign in with the email you usually use for Cricut Design Space to see all the images and fonts in access.

While on mobile, you can purchase Cricut Access plans via Cricut Design Space on your iOS and Android. To successfully access them through your mobile apps, they're completely updated. Then to sign up, open the Design Space app and sign in.

Now, move to the menu in the upper left corner, select Cricut Access, and sign me up. Purchases are processed through your iTunes account, and an order summary from the App Store appears.

Then, select Confirm and type your Apple ID password, and select Sign in to validate the purchase. Then, your Cricut Access plan will activate immediately.

How Much Will Cricut Access Cost You?

Cricut Access has three different plans as described below:

  • Monthly subscription plan: Cricut Access Standard monthly will cost you $9.99.
  • Annual subscription: Cricut offers its Access Standard plan at a discounted annual billing rate of $95.88 a year.
  • Premium Annual Subscription: You will get a Cricut Premium yearly at $119.88, which is $9.99 if you pay monthly.

Is Cricut Access Worth Buying?

Yes, Cricut Access is worth your money and saves your valuable time. It's a great thing for all busy crafters. If you want to use diverse images and fonts, including license images and projects, Cricut Access can give you a special solution for crafting. It also minimizes your search on the internet for the latest images and fonts.

How Would You Know If You Already Have Cricut Access?

If you login into your Cricut account via Website, Design Space, or some Design Space apps, click to see My Account. Then, choose Cricut Access from the drop-down menu. Then the pop-up screen will tell you if you're currently subscribed. And if you're not subscribed to the Cricut Access, you will see this.


If you have already subscribed to Cricut Access, you will see this on your desktop.


If you are using Cricut Shop, click on My Account and then click subscriptions to check your status. Also, check the expiration date and auto-renewal dates.

Do I Need Cricut Access To Use Design Space?

Cricut Design Space is software that you use on your mobile device to create projects with your Cricut. The Design Space is free to use and is the only thing that runs the Cricut machine. Therefore, you don't need Cricut Access to use it.

The Design Space has a limited number of fonts, images, and ready-to-make projects that you can use without a Cricut Access subscription. In the Design Space, you can either upload free fonts and images from the internet or create your own.


We answered do you need Cricut Access? I hope you get it. As we have discussed, Cricut Access is a subscription plan you buy for a bundle of benefits offered by Cricut. It's totally worth it to buy. However, this isn't compulsory for you. The Cricut Design Space provides you with enough fonts and images to work on. But if you want something more, you can take a Cricut Access; there is nothing wrong with this.

Visit: cricut.com/setup
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