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Sometimes you need to remove trees from your backyard due to several reasons. It could be because the tree was diseased and dying, or perhaps some accident during thunderstorms fell it and then it had to get removed. In either case, after you remove the truck in several pieces, all you have left is the tree stump. There are several tree stump removal service in TorontoTherefore, you always have the option of removing them. However, some people often ask whether it is advisable to remove them altogether, grind them, or leave them there?

To answer that question, we will need to understand what happens in each of these cases and how it affects the removed tree's landscape. Let us begin with the last case.

What happens when the stump is left in its place?

Although tree stumps start decaying after the tree has been cut down, the process is prolonged. However, as it starts deteriorating, it also attracts different types of pests and termites. Even if the tree was not diseased before, the rotting stump could always attract various fungus. Moreover, it can spread from that particular stump to nearby trees and even enter your home!

Other than the pests, a bare stump can ruin the visual aesthetics of the garden or landscape. It might even affect your property value negatively. Plus, the roots can hamper with the growth of new saplings or trees that could have grown beside the felled tree.

In case you have a tree stump lying in your garden, you also need to be cautious while mowing, as the stump can damage it.

Stump grinding

It is a lesser intensive process as compared to stump removal. In stump grinding, the professionals use a machine that can grind the entire stump down into wood chips. Even though it spares much time, the roots remain beneath the ground.

The wooden chip pile could be huge if the stump were massive. However, these chips can be utilized as mulch for the remaining plants in your garden.

Stump removal

It is more labor-intensive. First, the bulky stump is heaved up. Next, all the roots are dug up and removed. Needless to say, it is too time-consuming and a challenging task. However, the professionals in tree stump removal in GTA use several machines and power tools.

However, once the entire stump has been removed, there is an immaculate landscape. There will be no fear of pest invasion or mold growth. Moreover, if you want to plant new trees, there will be no previous roots to hamper the growth.

Thus, we can conclude that leaving the stump in its position is not a viable option. On the contrary, tree stump grinding and altogether removal has proved to be better solutions. Both these methods have their pros and cons, and much of your decision rests on your plan after that. If you do not want any tree at that particular spot, then perhaps grinding would be the more inexpensive and timely solution for you. However, in case you want to relocate plants or replace the felled tree, you might consider removing the roots too.


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