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From increasing your life expectancy and making yourself a happier person, getting decent sleep is one of the easiest things to do. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure your bed and pillows meet this challenge. bamboo pillow cases  good pillows and a good mattress are both very worth it to make sure how good your sleep will be.

What is a Memory Foam Pillow?

Memory foam is a kind of polyurethane, it may not sound very comfortable but tends to give superior comfort over typical bedding materials. The reason that memory foam pillow with bamboo cover is so comfortable is because when exposed to heat it becomes easy to mould.  In order to shape the moisture doesn't have to be exposed to a large amount of heat. The heat from your body is sufficient to make sure it has little trouble changing its shape. This is one of the main reasons why memory foam is so comfortable.

Are you confused whether to cover your Pillow?

Some memory foam pillows are found to include pillow protector covers. However you shouldn’t confuse it to be largely similar, with pillowcases. Specific pillow types are required for pillows. For instance, a shredded sprayed memory pillow just would be a loose stack of spray chunks without one. Memory foam pillows, you find more optional pillow covers but help in terms of hygiene. A pillow cover stops your pillow from collecting dirt and dust, as a rather porous material with a high level of memory foam can easily appeal and hold dirt.

Whether you have strong foam, fatty fibre, latex foam, or polyester fiberfill, it is best to use a removable pillow cover that is machine cleanable to protect your pillow. The cover should consist of a respiratory natural fibre such as cotton, bamboo or linen and should be used always in addition to your memory foam pillow case.

Why do you need a Pillow cover?

In order to keep your pillow clean from mascara, lipstick, face powder and other cosmetics.

Most people drool during their sleep sometimes.

Your natural body oils can also stain your pillow protector amazon.

Shed cells of the skin, while you sleep, your body sheds around 250,000 plus skin cells. Part of it is your head, face and neck shed.

Dust mite faeces include a chemical called DerP1 that is a potent allergen. You can develop eczema, sinus problems, or even difficulty breathing if you are allergic to them.

How convenient is to cover your Memory Foam Pillow?

Your memory foam pillow stuffed with blue coloured cervical cushion is simple to clean. A hassle-free method is provided by the removable and washable pillowcase with easy-to-operate zipper. Do not, however, place your cervical pillow in the washing machine or dryer.

A waterproof pillow cover is offered with a few high-end memory foam pillows, although most merely come with a conventional fabric pillow cover. Because memory foam pillows are not washable, the pillow cover must be waterproof to protect the pillow from sweat, saliva, spills, and other liquids.

Keep your pillow outside for several afternoons and let it absorb moisture from the air. In many cases, the chemical odour associated with memory foam pillows is so strong that some people can't sleep. This will help to eliminate the odour from the pillow.

After the odour has disappeared, cover the memory foam pillow with a waterproof cover and a pillowcase of your choice.

The pillowcase should be washed once a week, and the waterproof pillow protector case should be washed as needed.

Bamboo Pillow cases are hypoallergenic, which means they are unlikely to trigger allergic reactions. They also keep dust mites from developing colonies on your cushions. Dust mite allergies are fairly frequent, thus bamboo and silk pillowcases are excellent options for allergy sufferers.  For persons with dry skin, bamboo pillow cases are preferable than cotton pillowcases because they retain moisture better. The smooth surfaces of bamboo and silk pillowcases prevent friction on the skin overnight. Less friction means less inflammation, which is great news for sensitive skin sufferers.

What is the best way to care for my memory foam pillows?

Use a detachable pillow cover that is machine washable to keep your pillow clean and to keep dead skin cells out. Choose a waterproof pillow protector, such as a bamboo pillow case and always use it in conjunction with a pillowcase.


A memory foam pillow should never be washed. The foam will expand and disintegrate, destroying the cushion permanently.


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