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So how do you jump start your weight loss program again? If you want to go KetoTrim 800 Review  beyond this “weight loss plateau”, you need to change your diet and exercise routine. Your brain hates routine and like changes and stimulation. So you've got to give it what it wants.

Here are three methods you need to follow to get out of the weight loss plateau… Ditch calorie-counting If you have been counting calories, you could be doing your weight loss efforts a dis-service. When you count your calories, you basically limit the intake of calories to an abnormally low level. When you eat low calorie foods, there is no incentive for your body to increase your metabolism because it has no need to burn more calories. The result is that your metabolic rate always remains at a very low level. The paradox is that you don't want your metabolic rate to be at a low level, you need high metabolism in order to burn more body fat.

So, one way to move past the plateau is that you need to forget about calorie counting and eat enough good food so that your body is forced to keep your metabolic rate at a high level. Your body needs fuel to burn fat, and it can get that fuel only from foods, strange as it may sound.



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