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It’s always hard to understand the revolution in the economy for ordinary people. So the bitcoins too!

Most of the common people are confused about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. They do not even consider the asset values of cryptocurrencies as they are virtual. But, they would have forgotten the fact that our federation currencies are just paper with no intrinsic values outside the border of our country. 

For decentralizing, virtual money having standard value across the globe was invented, and a revolution started a decade before with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Let’s get into the details of cryptocurrencies and how it’s stored in wallets!

What’s Cryptocurrency Wallet according to ordinary people?

A multi cryptocurrency wallet is nothing but your crypto asset bank account that is decentralized across the globe without any intermediaries. A bit chaotic again?

Crypto wallets are the only place at which you can store and make transactions of the cryptocurrencies. They are similar to our mobile or net banking applications that have a secure passcode to access. To be much identical and connected, crypto wallets can be connected to our email accounts that have an address and password. Email accounts can be utilized to store and share any valuable information. 

When there is a crypto wallet talk, public and private keys are the mandatory topics. Now, let’s get into the brief discussion on these keys of crypto wallets!

What does public and private keys of the crypto wallet mean?

Every crypto wallet holds two significant keys: Public and Private. Public keys are similar to our house or email address that can be shared with any person to receive information. In the case of crypto wallets, a person can send or receive crypto coins by sharing the public key or wallet address. 

Private keys are our passcodes that are confidential and mandated to access or transfer cryptocurrency wallets. Without the accessibility to private keys, none of them can access crypto coins in your wallets. Even if it is the owner of the crypto wallet, if the private keys are lost, crypto coins become inaccessible. 

As of now, around 5000+ cryptocurrencies are there! Is it possible to store every crypto coin in separate wallets? Of course, NO!

Here’s the multi-cryptocurrency wallet!

A multi-cryptocurrency wallet is the single crypto wallet at which the owners can store distinct crypto coins and perform transactions. With a unique portfolio, owners can maintain their multiple crypto assets without any hassle. 

Crypto wallets are available in different forms. Desktop, mobile, hardware, and paper wallets are most common among crypto investors. It’s always a best practice to store large amounts of crypto coins in cold storage and the remaining accessible crypto assets in mobile, desktop, or online wallets. 

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