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The appearance of high-end automatic scooters (scooters) has attracted the interest of many motorcycle enthusiasts. From the initial use of motorsports to the daily use of scooter for motorcycles, consumers have shifted a lot. Honda PCX is also one of the early participants in this segment. There are many reasons why consumers are tempted to buy PCX. However, this scooter also has some disadvantages.

PCX 150 is equipped with a 150 cc SOHC engine, single cylinder, four stroke and liquid cooling. The combustion system uses programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) injection technology. With this machine, the PCX 150 can generate a maximum power of 10.8 kW at 8,500 rpm, and a maximum torque of 13.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

In this type of scooter, Honda abandoned the use of pedal starters and only used electric starters. For the braking system, two types are provided, namely the combined braking system (CBS) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Advantages of PCX 150

This large scooter from Honda has many advanced features. Certain embedded functions are also very needed functions today, such as power charging, large luggage capacity and smart key systems.

Through Power Charging, PCX 150 users can charge or recharge mobile phone batteries placed in a drawer or front compartment. This position is also very safe, because there is a cover, so it will not fall when driving.

Large luggage capacity is also one of the factors that attract consumers. The area reaches 28.8 liters, so it can accommodate full-face helmets, raincoats and other equipment or luggage.

The last advantage is its security function, namely the smart key system. There is no need to use a mechanical key (also known as keyless). The technology is also equipped with an anti-theft device and an anti-theft alarm, which can minimize the occurrence of PCX 150 theft. The anti-theft alarm system can detect vibration and movement when the location is activated.

Disadvantages of PCX 150

Although the PCX 150 has many advantages, the PCX 150 also has some disadvantages that consumers can consider before buying. Some of them, namely engine performance, braking, features, suspension and price.

The engine performance is still not as good as its closest competitor, the Yamaha Nmax155. Only in terms of capacity, it is different. The engine capacity Nmax is 155 cc, while the PCX 150 is only 150 cc.

The next disadvantage is braking. Even if you use the disc for the front and rear brakes, only one channel is used. This means that the ABS system is only applicable to the front brakes. The rear brake is still not ABS. Of course, two-way ABS will provide a greater sense of security when braking.

The rear suspension is still a conventional model, while competitors use a tubular model. The use of tubular shock absorbers not only enhances the appearance of the motor, but also has better functions than ordinary shock absorbers.

The next disadvantage is that the technology cannot connect to the phone. Unlike the latest Nmax 155, the latter can be connected to a smartphone through an app. Therefore, the rider cannot know more information about the scooter.

Even if the performance is still not as good as the competition, the technology and functions provided will not disappoint. The safety function is a very important function, which can reduce the risk of a thief stealing the motorcycle. In addition, for users who use the PCX 150 as a daily vehicle, a charging function and a spacious trunk are also required.


Honda PCX 150 and Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected ABS go hand in hand. When compared, they are all locally produced. Speaking of functions, PCX 150 is not as complete and complex as Nmax 155. For this reason, the prices offered are also different. The price of the PCX 150 is cheaper than the nearest competitor. In addition, the size is not as large as Nmax 155. Therefore, it is more reliable to be invited to operate in traffic jams.


PCX 150 CBS-IDR 29,843,000

PCX 150 ABS-IDR 32,842,000

PCX Hybrid-IDR 43,293,000

The highest type is recommended because it is equipped with ABS technology, which can make braking better and safer. However, Honda also provided an electric motor for the PCX Hybrid to improve performance.

In conclusion

 In terms of features and specifications, the PCX 150 may still be inferior to its nearest competitor, the Nmax 155 Connected ABS. However, in terms of design, this large scooter from Honda looks more elegant, while Nmax 155 is more sporty. Finally, the cost factor is also the decisive factor. The price of PCX 150 is not as expensive as Nmax 155.


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