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Do You Want To Learn More About Scrap Metal Recycling? Here Are Some Of The Most Useful Scrap Metal Items

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Is metal recycling in Sydney a profitable venture? You might have piles of scrap metal at home with no idea what to do with them. If that’s the case, consider learning more about scrap metal recycling.

The Benefits Of Metal Recycling In Sydney

Not many people are aware that metal is an infinitely recyclable resource. It’s not renewable, but you can always take your old sources of metal and turn them into something new.

Consider your damaged vehicles, for instance. As a whole, they don’t have much purpose other than sitting uselessly in your garage. But their spare parts and scrap metals can positively impact the environment if you decide to recycle them.

How Is This Possible? Scrap Metal Recycling Helps With The Following Environmental Issues:

  • Energy Consumption

Metals mined from the Earth aren’t the final product you see today. First, they must be sourced as ore—a piece of rock containing small metal traces, such as copper or iron. Then, this ore must undergo smelting, which breaks it up into metal and oxygen.

Unfortunately, these processes aren’t great for the environment. They consume tons of energy that also comes from non-renewable resources. Luckily, recycling minimises consumption, saving more than 92% of energy for aluminium, 90% for copper, and 56% for steel.

  • Pollution

On top of consuming large amounts of energy, mining and processing metal ore also releases tons of toxic gases into the environment. For example, after miners excavate a rock, they can leave pulverised rocks and acidic substances behind, polluting the air, water, and soil.

Recycling metals instead of mining them can effectively reduce emissions, minimising toxic runoffs, groundwater pollution, and physical scars.

  • Landfill Growth

It doesn’t matter what material you’re recycling, whether plastic, paper, steel, or aluminium. The process has one goal: minimising waste.

Scrapping your car means preventing it from ending up in the landfill. As a result, recycling slows down landfill growth, ensuring that they don’t spend centuries biodegrading.

In addition to recycling’s environmental benefits, it also has some economic impacts. According to the 2018 National Waste Report, Australia is a massive producer of metal waste, recovering about 5 million tonnes of scrap metal.

These products are sold back to manufacturers worldwide including our biggest markets: China, Vietnam, India, and Malaysia.

The Most Valuable Scrap Metals And Their Sources

Scrap Metal Can Be Found Everywhere, From Your Garage To Your Backyard. Here Are Some Materials To Look Out For If You Want To Earn A Significant Amount Of Cash:

  • Aluminium is primarily used as wheel rims, roofing sheets, cooking equipment, and trailers. It is also widely available as food and beverage cans.
  • Brass is a popular material for manufacturing door handles, bed frames, kitchen taps, and other home fixtures. In addition, you can find coast brass in water meters, faucets, and jewellery.
  • Copper is a valuable material found in electrical cables, transformers and motors, plumbing pipes, and building sites.
  • Steel is a common metal used in car bodies, large household appliances, and roofing sheets. Meanwhile, stainless steel can be found in food processing units, medical equipment, and wires.

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