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Renewal of the Legal Metrology License is a crucial process for businesses operating in various industries. It ensures compliance with legal requirements, promotes fair trade practices, and upholds consumer rights. However, navigating the document submission process can be challenging without proper guidance. In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the documents required for Legal Metrology License renewal in India. Understanding these requirements will help businesses streamline the renewal process and ensure a smooth transition, avoiding any unnecessary delays or complications.

  1. Application Form 

The first and foremost document required for Legal Metrology License renewal is the application form. The specific format and details to be filled may vary depending on the state or jurisdiction. It is essential to accurately complete the application form, ensuring all relevant fields are filled with updated information.

  1. Existing License Copy 

To initiate the renewal process, businesses must submit a copy of their existing Legal Metrology License. This serves as proof of their previous compliance and enables authorities to cross-reference the details while processing the renewal application.

  1. Updated Address Proof 

Businesses need to provide a valid address proof document to reflect any changes since the initial license issuance. This could include documents such as a utility bill, lease agreement, or property ownership documents. The address proof must match the current registered address of the business.

  1. Identity Proof of Proprietor/Partners/Directors 

Legal Metrology License renewal requires the submission of identity proof documents for the proprietor, partners, or directors, depending on the business structure. These documents typically include Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport, or Voter ID card. Valid and up-to-date identity proof ensures the accuracy of the licensee's information.

  1. Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Association 

For partnership firms or companies, the renewal process may require the submission of a Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Association. These documents establish the legal structure and ownership details of the business. It is essential to provide updated and duly attested copies of these documents.

  1. Fee Payment Receipt 

The renewal process involves payment of a prescribed fee. Businesses must submit the payment receipt as proof of fee payment. This receipt should be generated from the designated government portal or the authorized payment centre.

  1. Weighing and Measuring Instruments Calibration Certificate 

Businesses using weighing or measuring instruments in their operations must submit the calibration certificates for these instruments. These certificates demonstrate that the instruments have been calibrated by authorized agencies within the prescribed timelines. Compliance with calibration requirements ensures accurate measurements and fair trade practices.

  1. Records of Verification 

Businesses need to maintain records of verification for all weighing and measuring instruments used in their operations. These records should include details such as the instrument's serial number, date of verification, and the agency that performed the verification. Submitting these records during LMPC License renewal demonstrates compliance with the periodic verification requirements.

  1. Manufacturer's Certificate 

In cases where businesses manufacture or pack commodities, it is essential to provide the manufacturer's certificate. This certificate validates that the business is authorized to produce or pack the specific commodities mentioned in the license.

  1. Annual Turnover Details 

Some jurisdictions may require businesses to provide details of their annual turnover during the LMPC License renewal process. This information helps authorities assess the scale of operations and determine appropriate compliance measures.


Renewal of the Legal Metrology License is a vital process that ensures businesses comply with legal requirements and maintain fair trade practices. By understanding the documents required for renewal, businesses can streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays or complications. It is essential to gather and maintain these documents well in advance.


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