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If you’re finally bought a used Honda engine for the love of Hondas, you’ll want to do everything necessary to keep it in the best possible condition. That includes cleaning the insides of the engine which ultimately brings up the topic of engine flushing. 

You must take cleaning the inside of your engine as seriously as its outside. So, knowing about engine flush, why is it necessary and what are its benefits will offer you plenty of advantages. 

Keep reading this article for answers to all those questions. 


What Does Engine Flush Mean? 

Oil flush refers to a chemical additive that is designed to clean out gunk, deposits, and sludge accumulated in the engine from years of functioning. It is especially recommended if you buy a used engine. Once you pour the fluid into the oil-filler port for about 10-15 minutes, it will mix with the oil as it circulates throughout the engine. Eventually, the flush will clean out deposits and dislodge sludge. Once the circulation is complete, the flush and deposits are drained from the engine. Consequently, a new oil filter and oil are installed before running the engine again.


Benefits of Engine Flush for a Used Engine

If you’re wondering what will an oil flush do for my Honda? Following are a few benefits of engine flushing.

  • Helps Reduce Engine Heat: Excessive heat inside your Honda engine must be avoided and engine flush helps you with that. If there is extra heat inside your engine due to the deposits and sludge, it means there is extra friction also. It will lead to unnecessary wear & tear and damage the integrity of the parts.
  • Helps Increase Fuel Efficiency: Evidently, if there’s sludge buildup, your engine will work harder and consume more fuel than usual. That’s unacceptable for many people as it raises the costs as well. So, engine flushing helps you save money by reducing fuel consumption and increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Reduces Emissions: Another consequence of sludge buildup is that it accumulates in piston rings and causes them to stick. This further causes leaks and migration of oil into the combustion chamber. Naturally, once the oil starts moving into the combustion chamber, it is burnt along with the fuel. This causes excessive exhaust resulting in increased emissions. So, engine flushing and removing sludge buildup with keep your Honda engine healthy and the environment as well. 
  • Prepares Engine for New Oil: Once you have performed engine flushing, it will prepare your used Honda engine for new oil and help it use the new oil to its full potential. You can expect the oil to yield maximum performance, including fuel efficiency, power, and longevity. 


Is It Necessary?

Keeping the fluids up to the mark and clean is imperative for the health of a used Honda engine. Since engine flushing helps you maintain the integrity of the oil and the engine, it’s a necessary process. Keeping your engine maintained will your used Honda engine last over 200k+ miles and keep cruising down the road.



Once you buy a used engine on sale, be it a Honda or any other make, it’s your responsibility from that moment onwards to protect its integrity and maintain the performance level. Through engine flushing, you can tackle the sludge build-up issue easily and help the engine perform better.

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