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It is indeed a fact that many substances which have the capacity of intoxication will eventually lead towards the path of psychosis, where the mental condition of the individual is often disrupted by the thoughts and the perceptions of the world, being harshly disturbed. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, thus states about the link between the consumption of alcohol and cause of hallucination which may land up to a situation which is merely known as Psychosis. Psychosis can be defined as the disruptive thoughts which are often caused inside one individual's mind with sheer perceptions on the hand which can thus create the mere challenges to differentiate the fact between what is real and what is not. The phase does not represent a mental illness category, however the concept revolving around consists of some of the characters such as the break between the reality and the dreaming world can occur because of the varied perceptual and cognitive changes which are also attached with any psychotic illnesses too which at times gives rise to the actions of seeing, feeling and hearing of things which are also not present in the environment and are completed unnecessary for any action or involvement. Some of the initial symptoms stated by the Addiction Treatment Centre in Gurgaon as as follows:


  • The occurrence of disturbing thoughts and perceptions regarding things
  • The poor execution of functioning
  • Having sincere trouble of thinking with clarity and poor concentration effects
  • Suffering from memory issues
  • Having a sheer difficulty in understanding the reality and fiction
  • Not behaving in a proper manner at a given situation
  • Improper Speech and communication problem
  • Occurance of harsh delusions and hallucinations


It is merely stated that approx among 100 people, 3 people mainly deal with the problem of psychosis in their life and many of such episodes mainly occur near the phase of mid teens such as around the age of 20s. However, many researchers still not have understood the full concept of the occurrence of psychosis, however it may have the combination of many factors which can combine of any early genetic family disorder, or one where any individual may suffer from any life experience in the motion, or also at times the inducement of any chemical imbalance in the brain because of the intake of alcohol or drugs in a large amount.

Hence, alcohol induced psychosis disorders also have secondary episodes of psychosis which also may feel similar to the other psychoses reports and thus rise the issues of such condition, where a complete manifestation is done if also the individual is suffering from any prior medical condition in the mere past, as after the acute intoxication phase, chronic drinkers do visits the phase of going into the hallucination mode where they are so much drunk indeed to witness and hear varied things at ones.

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