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Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story

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We live in an internet governed world social media is a big part of it. Apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp are user friendly. They are designed especially for using on smart phones. Facebook is undoubtedly the most used of them all. It has many features to engage in interactive experiences like posting photos, videos, stories. Since there is so much information you put out there, security of the users is one of the major concerns. It does provide you with features like making your account private or locking your profile. This way only the people you chose can view the updates on your profile. But if you’re wondering, does Facebook notify when you screenshot a picture 2021. Then the answer is No, it doesn’t. Facebook still doesn’t notify about the screenshot other users take of your profile. Let’s have a look at how to take a screenshot on Facebook.

Steps to take a screenshot:

  • Open the Facebook page you want to save.
  • If you’re using it on Android device then, press the power and volume down button at the same time.
  • Release when you hear a click sounds. The screen will go black for a moment and the page would be captured.
  • On a computer or a laptop, press the print screen button to save the page.
  • On a Mac, press the command + shift + 3 keys at the same time to screenshot a Facebook story.

This is how you can simply take a screenshot but the answer to Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story still remains No. Facebook doesn’t have a specific screenshot policy therefore the other users will not be notified about it. Even your phone or any other software doesn’t have  such a feature where you get notified about screenshots. The best way to secure your profile is to lock it because if you’re still question, does Facebook notify of screenshot story. Then, as mentioned No it does not.



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