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Many women think that men who have longer hair look thinner when they are standing. This is not the case. In fact, men do not need longer hair to appear thinner. You just need to know the right way to grow your hair.

The main reason why women think that men who have longer hair look thinner when they are standing is because they have a habit of locking their hands in their pockets. When the hands are not in their pockets, there is a tendency that they may put it on their heads, making it appear longer.

The habit of taking out your hands and putting them on your head when you stand is not the cause of shorter hair. It is something else. Your hands need to be away from your head, if you want to grow your hair. The reason for this is that many men with long hair will put it in their ears, or near their eyes, like a hat, creating the illusion of longer hair.

In fact, you can control how much your hair grows by having it away from your face when you stand up. This also means that you need to straighten your hair every other day if you want to get that extra volume out of it.

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Of course, if you are a short man and you do not like having your hair pulled, then you might want to have shorter hair. Since women do not like the idea of women with short hair, women with short hair look thinner when they are standing. However, women with longer hair look thin when they are standing, as they are constantly pulling it and rubbing it in their faces. Not only does this appear unattractive, but it is not healthy for your hair.

The thing that everyone who has ever had their hair done knows isthat the length of your hair needs to be closely related to the thickness of your hair. If you have a long hair, you need to get it cut shorter so that you will look thinner when you are standing. However, if you have a medium-length hair, it will look thick when you are standing, so make sure that it is cut long enough so that it will cover your entire face when you are standing.

Even if you have long hair, it will still look more attractive if you can maintain it properly. You do not need to spend all of your time styling your hair. If you have a hairdresser, you should allow him to give you some tips to keep your hair in place, like pulling it back in a ponytail, brushing it out, and cutting it in the middle or at the ends.

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Be aware that the hair you style will also affect how it looks when you are standing. A hairstyle that is quite simple will look better when you are standing, then a hair style that is complicated. Try to maintain a hair style that will complement your face, and you will not look like you have short hair when you are standing.


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