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Does Kundli and astrology actually matter in case of marriages?

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In Hindu culture, the importance of Janam Kundli by date of birth and time reading for marriage cannot be dispute. It should not be take otherwise. Because even young people believe in astrology when it comes to important decisions like marriage. The traditional approach to marriage alliance emphasizes the matching of horoscopes for a successful union. People often take it as a joke or illogical practice. But no one understands the practicality and technicality behind Kundli yoga matching. However, there have been surveys that have stated that astrology has no chance when it comes to marriage. But the sentiments of those who want to consult an astrologer before marriage should not be disrespectful. As we say, it's not like that everywhere.


Kundli love Matching of bride and groom to recognize their degree of mutual respect, friendship and potential marriage. In addition, in the probability of problems and problems between them, it guarantees an explanation and an answer to a happy marriage.


At the time of marriage, Janam Kundli online Matching for Horoscope Matching plays a key role. According to Hindu sacred texts, marriage is a preordained sacred union long before birth. Marriage is truly one of the most beautiful moments in a person's life.


The importance of janam kundli online for marriage?


Matchmaking plays a very important role in marriage/weddings. It is a beautiful relationship that binds two souls together for life and beyond. We often see numerous rituals when a Hindu wedding takes place and even before the wedding. Before deciding to get their children married. Most families first check detail birth charts to see if their stars are compatible or not.


Everyone wants a good companion who can create wonderful memories and feel content around them. It is the zone where one's true happiness resides. Where marriage is a meaningful thing in India, today's people want to find the perfect match.


In Hinduism, the horoscopes or Janam kundli online of the bride and groom are combining to resolve any adverse effect after the wedding. Astrology also promises a number of treatments and approaches to overcome its harmful effects for any dosha.


Compatibility of two souls


According to astrology, there is a total of 36 guns in the Janam kundli by date of birth and time which are compare before marriage to understand the compatibility of bride and groom and how their life will be. These guns have different points and each point indicates how their individual stars and destiny will affect each other.


Horoscope Matching & janam kundli online Benefits


Is it true that Leo and Sagittarius is a better match than Sagittarius and Cancer? Can Capricorn and Cancer make a good couple? Are air signs compatible with other air signs, or can they be compatible with fire or earth signs? That's the thing about astrology; there is no single aspect that we should consider and declare whether the alliance will be fruitful or not.


Horoscope love matching involves so many aspects than just calculating sun signs. In the case of marriage, Vedic Astrology covers boy and girl compatibility in all aspects which are ego, mental compatibility, friendship, sexual intimacy, love, health, luck and happiness. Base on eight different guns, they are rate, which gives an idea of ​​whether the alliance is successful or not.


Apart from that, planetary position, dosha, kundli yoga and various other challenges and chances are consider to declare anything. In a way, yes, horoscope matching is important for a marriage. It gives everyone mental satisfaction that the couple will lead a happy married life as there is no other motive behind horoscope matching. This becomes all the more important when the alliance is forming through an arranged marriage. Completing a marriage partnership is not a piece of cake; some essential aspects of marriage need to be consider and check before marriage. Problems such as extramarital affairs to conception and quarrels can be predict during Janam kundli online. As advanced as we are, people would always be sensitive to such issues and want to avoid them at all costs. Astrologers recommend doing dosha nivaran puja according to the problem. This would ward off the adverse effects of the doshas in the birth chart.


Does horoscope matching for marriage can finalise the marriage?


Although horoscope reading is important and significant for marriage, the true essence of every relationship which is love, understanding, mutual trust and respect cannot be neglect and ignored. It is important that there is a connection of souls and thoughts before the match of janam Kundli by date of birth and time. Even though the Kundli are successfully match, the Manglik is married to another Manglik (which is consider a great match). There seems to be no chance in the alliance; there is still a chance of divorce or separation. The truth remains that without mutual respect, honesty, a bit of compromise and accommodation, no relationship in the world would last.




Horoscope matching is consider significant and essential for most couples. Even if you are indulging in love marriage, you must consult an astrologer to nullify all the malefic effects of the planets. Ultimately, the most important factor for a successful marriage is trust and love. According to astrologers, you only need to consider matching horoscopes if you believe in the universe. If you are confident, respected and happy in a relationship, then there is nothing more important to an alliance than that. Maybe not even horoscope or love matching validation.


Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


Does astrology really affect marriage?


Yes, your janam kundli by date of birth in astrology matters when deciding on marriage. Kundli is synonymous with janam kundli online/horoscope/birth chart/natal chart but the meaning remains the same. Kundli or Horoscope is the ruler of all aspects of human life and therefore marriage is no different.


Is astrology necessary for marriage?


Astrology plays a major role in finalizing the marriage alliance. In fact, astrology is believed to be very important for the success of any relationship. Out of the 36 ‘Guns,' at least 18 must match for a healthy and happy marriage. However, even this can be taken care of with a few pujas and rituals for love matching .


How does marriage change a person's life?


Some people have slow growth and success in life but we see that after marriage they start to enjoy more growth, success and status in society. Many times this accelerated change can be due to the wealth brought by the spouse.


What is the importance of marriage in our life?


The quality of the marriage a person has determines to a large extent his happiness in life. To spend life with another person is to share the karmic burden as well as the karmic benefits that come with the other person. Their sorrows and sufferings become ours, and their wealth and happiness can be enjoyed by us.


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