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When you think of a hamster, do you picture the cute little animal running on wheels in its cage? Or do you imagine it running around in a ball? 

Whether your hamster is doing a trick or playing hide and seek, you may be wondering if these little rodents are considered social animals. After all, they seem to enjoy interacting with humans and other animals. 

Hamsters are small and adorable creatures, but they are also quite independent. Although they love to spend time with their owners, they don't need to be hugged or hugged to feel happy.  

In fact, hamsters are not social animals in the traditional sense: they do not live in groups and take care of each other like wolves or monkeys. However, there is evidence that  hamsters can form relationships with humans and other pets such as cats or dogs. In fact, some owners report that their pets  come out of their kennels when they hear someone approaching the door! 

 If you have any other questions or would like to schedule an exam for your hamster, please call our vet Dahlonega, GA anytime!


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