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When a kid turns one year old, they usually participate in a milestone picture session when they are given a cake to eat, smash, or both. Cake smash events are a great way to commemorate your infant's first birthday. It is a delightful milestone to photograph and celebrate a baby's birthday since, for some infants, this is their first experience with cake or another sweet treat. So, it makes it a more memorable moment to hire the best cake smash photographer in London service. 

When Should A Cake Smash Photography London Session Be Made?

The cake smash photography session usually takes place around the baby's first birthday, and the pictures are then used to decorate invites to parties or inform family and friends about significant developmental milestones. 

Offering cake to the child before that age would be of little benefit since they might not show any interest. Instead, a sudden burst of sweetness around 12 months is frequently the first time the youngster is able to eat as much cake as they want or, better yet, do anything they want with it. 

The options are unlimited, from face painting into it to flinging the bits and pieces around like there's no tomorrow!

Importance Of Cake Smash

Cake smashes have grown in popularity as a way to celebrate children's birthdays, and I believe this is because they are a little bit unique. It is very different from having your child pose in nice clothes in front of a blank wall. A cake smash is unusual, so it is likely to be a memorable experience.


A cake smash is one of the best ways to do that. I frequently discuss how important it is to give a child complete freedom during a photo shoot. Since almost all kids enjoy cake, including one in the shot will give you a prop that is likely to capture their attention right away. 

Furthermore, given how much kids adore cake, a photographer is probably able to capture some absolutely stunning candid shots of the kid interacting with the cake. A great way to demonstrate that the images of this event are, in fact, photographs of a birthday celebration is the inclusion of a cake, which also makes it obvious that a celebration is occurring.

What Should A Kid Wear For A Cake Smash Photography Session? 

A cake smash is a messy activity, as you might expect. Since there are no clothes to cover up the massive amounts of icing all over them, a baby wearing just a nappy frequently looks the cutest! There is no guarantee that the first set of clothes will still fit after the shoot, so it is a good idea to pack some spares as well. It is best to bring a carrier bag to transport the frozen clothing home, keeping that in mind as well. 

Cake smashes are still a fantastic way to ensure that a child's birthday is celebrated and remembered, and there will be no question at all when you look back on the photos that a celebration took place.

Some Useful Tips For A Profitable Cake Smash Session

Plan your cake smash session while taking naps into consideration. Planning a cake smash event should always take a nap or bedtime considerations into account. We want to make sure that your child is well rested because the goal of these sessions is to capture their unique characteristics. 

Photographers will accommodate your child's schedule if they take their daily naps at a specific time of day and are on a set routine. Let's make sure to arrange the session at that time if your child is not on a schedule but tends to be the happiest at specific times of the day.

Let Them Have Some Hunger.

In order to prevent hunger, photographers always advise feeding your kid before a session, but during cake smash sessions, it may be helpful if they are just a little bit hungry. Of course, you should still feed them, but if they are a little peckish when you bring them to the shoot, they could be more willing to eat the cake. They might not be as eager to eat more if they've just finished a substantial dinner. 

Choose The Cake Carefully.

For safety concerns, It is advised parents get a genuine cake rather than one that some photographers provide as part of the cake smash service. It's preferable to let the parents handle the baby's potential sensitivities. Take the cake smasher, a one-year-old child, as an illustration. The cake should be tender and simple for them to consume. Keep the outside of the cake's design quite straightforward to prevent it from overpowering the infant and the activity by detracting too much from it. 

Make sure the cake maker won't use any dye that can leave stains on the baby's skin if you want a colorful finish for the cake. For the splash bubble bath session, you don't want your baby's skin to be completely smeared. 

Include a scene of a bubble bath. Allow the infant to play in the water in front of you before washing them up; a sprinkle of bubble bath will make it more enjoyable. Babies adore the water naturally. You will be able to record some amazing infant play moments by doing this.

Ending Words

The main goals of cake smash photography London sessions are to celebrate and capture special moments. For parents, watching their child grow up is truly the best experience. They have a tendency to cherish these priceless memories. So, help them in making the most of this moment.


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