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Spy X Family is a manga about an eclectic family that has a dangerous assassin, a suave spy, and a four-year-old telepath. It has been the most popular manga on Shonen Jump+ for the past two-three years, and will probably stay on top in the coming years as well. The action-comedy series has over eight million copies in circulation as of now. The success of the manga has fueled rumors of an anime being produced but there is still no official clarification about it right now. 

The Shonen manga has a lot to offer even for those outside its demographic. The plot and characters are developed brilliantly. Since the manga appeals to those outside of the typical Shonen demographic, the anime adaptation will be a treat to watch for any anime fan. It would give Spy X Family a much larger target audience which will significantly increase its chances of success. In recent years Series like Spy X Family and The Promised Neverland dare to go past the stereotypical image of Shonen to create something unique, and the risk has paid off.

While most fans would expect high-speed action sequences, and battles but would find a surprising twist. Spy X Family will instead give them a heartwarming story about a man who would make up a fake family to help prevent a war from breaking out. The manga maintains its pace, and there is hardly any dull moment. The story transitions between sweet domestic moments, humor, action consistently without ever breaking the flow. Since the manga is such a delight to read, one can’t help wonder if the anime adaptation will be just as good. 

Does it Have Anime Potential?

The manga is doing pretty well despite being on a biweekly release schedule. In the past success of the anime adaptations has led to an exponential increase in the sale of manga, so Spy X Family’s manga sale might not have peaked yet. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is a good example. The manga was doing well, but once the anime went viral, the manga sale skyrocketed making it of the most popular in the industry. Spy X Family might be able to repeat Demon Slayer’s success story. The series has a great plot, unique characters, humor, and action that can truly help it stand out from the rest of the shows. So, the Spy X Family has everything it needs to become a successful anime industry as well.

Incredibly Humorous

When one imagines a story about a world-renowned spy who is on a mission to stop a war from breaking out, one would never think that it will be humorous. But Spy X Family is special since it blends different genres so well. Not only is the manga hilarious but the readers will never find themself being bored at any point in the story. Much of the humor in the series comes from Anya. Since she is gifted with the power to read people’s minds, Anya always knows more than she should. But as she is just a four-year-old, she often misunderstands things. The absurd scenarios created by Anya’s misunderstanding are too funny. Even her reactions and expression to what she’s reading in other people’s minds is enough to make anyone laugh out loud.

Since the manga is a Shonen series, so there is no dearth of action sequences. Many of the missions include brutal beating and even death. There are also serious and tense situations so one should not get the wrong impression that the manga is all about jokes and heartwarming scenes. But humor is definitely an important part of the series that keeps the fans entertained. 

Will it Get an Anime Adaptation?

Every single character in Spy X Family is masterfully developed. Their characterization is so good that they almost feel that they are real. Although each one of them has their own motivation of becoming a part of the fake family, most of their interaction seems genuine. Loid only needs the fake family to complete his mission but as he spends more time with Anya and Yor, it appears that he has settled himself in the role of the father. Yor too changes a lot and appears to like the company of Loid and Anya.

Although they know it’s a fake family, but it is quite obvious that they have started caring about each other. They have found a family that they never truly were looking for. Though almost all Shonen series rely on action Spy X Family is different since family is at the core of the series. Although it is relatively new, the manga has a bright future ahead of itself. As the story progress, we might see more interesting characters join the already impressive cast. Spy X Family has done well as a manga, and it has everything a story needs for a great anime adaptation. Hopefully, whenever it is adapted, the creators are able to replicate the balance between family bond, humor, and action that the manga has done so well.

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