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Does Sun Rule the Fifth House – Karma Astro App

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Sun is the biggest celestial body and is defined as the soul of the human body in Vedic astrology. The bright ball of light represents power, heat, enlightenment, positivity, courage, confidence, and success. It stays for a month in each zodiac sign. It is fierce and full of energy which tells us how a person will shine in his life. Because of the heat, it is often called a malefic planet too. It indicates ego and power which makes the sun a masculine planet. The native with a strong sun will attain success, have good health, and always be in a strong condition. The native will feel energetic and powerful. The native will have good self-control and will think before any action. Later we discuss in detail about the effect of Sun in Fifth House of birth chart.

Apart from the wisdom and good fortune, the person will have an enlightened spiritual side. Sun governs the ancestors and is hence cursed with pitra dosha in a kundali.


Sun is the most important planet after the moon. It affects the overall personality of an individual. A powerful Sun in birth chart can invalidate the bad effects on other planets. Sun is at its strongest when placed in the 10th house. However, it’s also strong in 1st,4th and 7th houses. Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are most benefited by a strong sun and gain power and strength that will also make them responsible and determined. Sun is powerful and forceful which defines one’s physical character.


If you ever meet someone with a creative mind and great passion, then consider the native has sun in 5th house. A promising career and expressive personality with a love of art, romance, drama, writing, and sports are signs of good placement in sun. ego and overconfidence also indicate the sun’s presence in the 5th house.

Also, natives with the sun in the 5th house are quite outgoing. They love to socialize and meet new people. they can also be engaged in gambling which is not advisable as it can become a habit and land you in some difficult situations.

The Fifth House in Astrology is the house of children. So the natives will be highly inclined towards them. They are strong-headed and have a good educational perspective. They are intelligent, smart, and have high energy.

Most of the natives will experience love marriage. They are very passionate about the love of their life and make every effort to save it from hardships.


Worries and stress will follow if the sun is weak. Sun has a bigger impact on the children. In some cases, mothers may face miscarriages and difficulties in relationships. The child may also be born sick and unwell. If the sun is afflicted, there will be a lot of money speculation and the natives can be irritable, egoistic, and arrogant. Mostly after the age of 24, they become annoying and bonding with others becomes difficult, making them lose few relationships. Students with the weak sun will be found cheating and copying in exams.

A weak sun if placed with Jupiter indicates the death of a life partner. Weak sun also makes them dominating and calculative, putting them through financial problems. Sun’s relation with other planets has to be taken care of. Because other planets underperform if the sun is weak and overall personality of the person will suffer creating bad results.


  • To keep the sun happy and reduce its adverse effects, one can wear a red ruby on a Sunday.
  • Wearing colors like orange, saffron, and light red is considered lucky.
  • Drink a glass of water with sugar before going to work.
  • For good health, perform Surya namaskar in the morning.
  • Welcome the sunrise. Offer water to the sun in the east direction.
  • Respect your father, teacher, and elders to reduce its malefic effects.
  • Chant gayantri mantra or om suryaya namah 108 times for positive results.
  • Feed the cows.


Know yourself better, and explore yourself. Self-awareness also helps in reducing the difficulties of life. You are highly creative and expressive due to the influence of the Sun in the fifth house of your natal chart. Also, sports activities, romance, music, and dramas may excite you. Interest in other recreational activities and fun games will also be there. However, there may be health issues related to your kids. It can be issues related to the progeny or impact the well-being of your infants.

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