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Does wearing silver jewellery benefit your health?

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From the beginning of human civilisation, silver has been used for its distinctive properties. Since early ages, we have been drawn to healing properties in many minerals and gemstones. A quick search on the internet search engine will pop up myriad results on the health benefits of precious minerals including silver. You can dress up aesthetically with a silver bracelet for men, or a heart pendant chain for women, or couple rings silver or any other jewellery from Gifted Beauty, but are you aware of the much-touted health benefits of wearing silver jewellery? The silver metal has vast health benefits and has been utilised in many cultures for ages.

This blog will shed light on the health benefits of using silver jewellery.

Anti-bacterial properties: The silver metal has an astounding property of combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It has been proven that silver metal can nullify bacteria and fungi that cause skin problems and other harmful reactions. Silver does not have any allergic reactions and enhances the look of the wearer.

Improves mental health: Silver radiates positive energy vibrations that mitigate any stress or tension to the wearer.

It also aids in improved concentration, and helps focus during meditation, apart from boosting the wearer’s energy levels. Wearing a silver infinity ring or a crystal pendant will augment the positive vibrations apart from the trendy contemporary look.

Safeguard from electromagnetic radiation: Silver is recognised to block electromagnetic radiation from entering the body.

The silver metal is highly useful as we are most of the time bared open to microwaves that may emit injurious electromagnetic waves. For such instances, your Gifted Beauty’s 925 silver jewellery will not only enhance your outfit but will also shield you from damaging radiations.

Regulates body temperature: Silver metal helps in the circulation of blood in the body and regulates body temperature. Many have experienced enhanced energy levels post-wearing silver which is a result of better regulation of the internal body heat. Silver jewellery has the natural property of having a cooling effect. Your summer look is complete with an exquisite piece from Gifted Beauty’s silver jewellery collection.

Reduces arthritis risk: Silver metal’s anti-inflammatory properties help to mitigate arthritis that is caused by the nerve and bone joints' inflammation.


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