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Don’t Miss out on this Monastery in Spiti

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There are a few places that are the soul and spirit of that place. Take for example the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Taj Mahal in India and so on. So for our mountain lovers and especially those who have spiti valley packages on their bucket list we've described the soul and spirit of Spiti Valley in this blog. It is the place without which the experience of Spiti can never be complete. If you guessed this place for Key Monastery, you are wrong because it isn't a place as mainstream as Key but definitely as serene and peaceful as it. So let's continue reading the blog and we'll take you through this magnificent place called-Dhankar Monastery.


A Little About Dhankar Monastery

Dhankar Monastery is located in Dhankar Village that comes under the Lahaul and Spiti tour package region. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Himachal and has been listed as an endangered monument of the world.


Due to it being so old it's found in a fragile condition. The fact that it's an old monument makes praying and meditating in this monastery feel more close to heart and a spiritual experience. The good news is that with a mere ticket of 25 you can sit here and meditate for as long as you can.


When will you reach Dhankar Monastery?

If you go by the itinerary of Capture A Trip, you'll reach Dhankar on your third day of the trip. And if you're asking at what time you'll be reaching Dhankar, it'll be around lunch time. So, good news you can stop at one of the cafes in Dhankar and have a full afternoon meal.


Why Should You Visit It?

Visiting monasteries becomes a part of your daily stays in Spiti Valley, due to the heavy influence of Buddhist and Tibetan culture. In this case, missing one of the prime monasteries would be a shame and something you would regret in the long term.

Another thing is you can trek to the Dhankar Lake which is a secluded lake since not a lot of travellers prefer to trek and visit the said location. So it gives you a chance to explore the lake in its untouched form that is too far away from most tourists.

Along with it it's a great place where you can interact with the locals because you'll always find locals sitting inside the monastery. They are very friendly and are always up for a quick chat if you're curious about their culture or anything about the monastery.


When you go on a week-long trip, there will be a few places out of the many that will leave a deep impact on you. For many of our travellers, such a common spot is Dhankar. We wish you don't miss out on visiting Dhankar whenever you plan your Spiti bike trip and definitely attain the serenity and peace it provides


We wish you all the best!

Happy travelling. 




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