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Doosan Catcher Kim Ki-yeon, I Learned from Yang Eui-ji

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Doosan Catcher Kim Ki-yeon “I Learned from Yang Eui-ji and Played in the Game… I'm Happy”


“On a day when the team wins, I am happiest when I receive the last ball.”

Catcher Kim Ki-yeon (26) is the busiest player in the professional baseball Doosan Bears recently.

He trains early with hitting coach Kim Han-soo and then focuses on defensive training, including blocking, with battery coach Yuji Serizawa.

After completing the run, we participate in the analysis of the pitching and catching teams' strengths and study strategies for targeting opposing hitters.

Although the days are hectic, Kim Ki-yeon, whom we met at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 21st, said, “I am having fun every day.

It's really nice that I get opportunities to play often. 온라인카지노사이트

Even when I'm not playing in games, I learn from watching top catcher Yang Eui-ji.

“I’m really happy,” he said with a smile.

Doosan also smiled at Kim Ki-yeon after finding the ‘successor of Yang Eui-ji.’

As of the 21st, Yang Eui-ji wore a catcher’s mask for 218⅔ innings.

Kim Ki-yeon played 160 innings as a catcher, relieving the burden on Yang Eui-ji.

In particular, Kim Ki-yeon is taking on the role of ‘starting catcher' after Yang Eui-ji was hit in the knee by a batter's ball in the game against the KIA Tigers on the 15th.

Kim Ki-yeon started as a catcher in five consecutive games, from the KIA game on the 16th to the SSG Landers game on the 21st.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “Yang Eui-ji is feeling pain in his knee, so Kim Ki-yeon will continue to play as a catcher for the time being.”

Yang Eui-ji, who has recently been playing as a designated hitter or taking a break due to knee pain, praised his junior, saying, “I'm glad I have Kim Ki-yeon,” and “I also get good stimulation from watching Kim Ki-yeon.”

Kim Ki-yeon said, “Senior Yang Eui-ji said something undeserved in the sense of ‘cheer up,'” and humbled himself by saying, “I am a catcher who has many shortcomings.

I am learning a lot through training and playing in games.”

He added, “It's important for me to grow, but in the first team, results are more important,” adding, “I'm far short of senior Yang Eui-ji, but I'll do my best to help the team win.”

Kim Ki-yeon joined the LG Twins as the 34th pick in the second, fourth round of the 2016 rookie draft.

There was no room for Kim Ki-yeon to play in LG, which had Yoo Kang-nam (currently Lotte Giants) and Jeong Sang-ho (current Lotte coach).

In 2023, he stayed in the 1st team for 102 days, but was unable to escape from being ‘LG’s 3rd catcher’.

For LG in 2023, Park Dong-won was in charge of home defense for 982 innings, and Heo Do-hwan was responsible for 212 innings.

Kim Ki-yeon wore a catcher's mask for 96⅓ innings.

Kim Ki-yeon said, “It was because I was lacking,” and recalled, “He couldn’t play in games often, but he trained hard.

He also learned a lot from senior catchers.”

Doosan selected Kim Ki-yeon in the first round of the second draft last November.

Kim Ki-yeon, who broke through the competition to be the ‘second catcher to support Yang Eui-ji‘, played 160 innings during Doosan's 50 games this year.

Kim Ki-yeon said, “The second draft became an inflection point in my life.

I learned a lot at LG, but when I came to Doosan, I learned from coach and Yang Eui-ji and was able to put it to use right away by playing in the game.

Happy days continue.”

He expressed his excitement.

Kim Ki-yeon is also a great addition to the team in attack.

As of the 21st, Kim Ki-yeon had posted a batting average of 0.300 (21 hits in 70 at-bats), 2 home runs, and 6 RBIs.

He hit two home runs that he could not hit at LG.

Coach Kim Han- soo looked at Kim Ki-yeon with kind eyes saying, “Kim Ki-yeon is a talented hitting player.

He trains here passionately.

How fortunate I am to have Kim Ki-yeon.”

Kim Ki-yeon said, “The reason I respect Yang Eui-ji is because he is the best in offense and defense.

I want to become a catcher who is helpful to the team even at the plate.

Several coaches are helping me with additional training.

I am training to my heart's content.”

Doosan hopes that Kim Ki-yeon will grow into a ‘post-Yang Eui-ji’.

Even after Yang Eui-ji regains his health, the plan is to use Yang Eui-ji as a designated hitter once or twice a week and Kim Ki-yeon as a catcher.

Kim Ki-yeon said, “You gave me a chance, so I have to repay you.

Although I haven't yet developed the skills of a starting catcher, I will show you that I'm improving every day.

I'm really happy to receive the last ball on a day when the team wins.

I often get opportunities like that.”

“I will work hard to obtain it,” he pledged.



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