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Authors of newly published books are often interviewed on TV, radio, and podcasts as part of the launch promotion. As every book publicist knows, the interviews can be very beneficial when handled well. But on the flip side, making some common mistakes can significantly reduce their impact. Therefore, it's wise to bone up on best practices for interviews before sitting down in front of a microphone for the first time. One of the first and most crucial things to keep in mind is the need to tell stories that audiences can relate to easily. Lecturing or talking to people never turns out well. 

It's also wise to think through common questions and prepare good answers for them in advance. For example, it's common for hosts to end an interview with a closing question seeking “final words of advice for our audience.” Knowing a question like that may be coming, it never hurts to think through what you might say. The more attractive your answer, the more likely the audience will be impressed and remember you favorably. It's also essential to think through the role of a guest in an interview to inform, entertain, educate, and inspire the audience. You want to do it well and be successful.

Learning how to answer a question with the correct number of words is also essential. Saying too little can make you come off as shy or aloof, and rambling on and on (saying too much) will bore the audience and cause them to tune out. If you have some key messages in your head that you'd like to get across, some of them can be the basis of your answers as appropriate. Having a few planned answers that you can work on can help you be more concise and communicate the information you'd like the audience to hear. Try to follow the lead of the interviewer and let him lead the show. It's good etiquette as a guest.

How much or how little your book is plugged during the interview is a delicate topic., You want it to be mentioned, and in most cases, the host will do it. If he hasn't by the end of the interview, you may gently work in a mention. But don't do it early in the interview because it can turn off the host and audience. The most effective promotion occurs when people are open to hearing it, usually after you've been an engaging guest and developed rapport with the audience. It's also wise to communicate your key messages early in the interview, regardless of their length. The host may pick up on them.


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