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When you plan a road trip across a new state, you may have no idea of what your first step is. Let's start with the geographical facts. The dimension of Florida is about 160 thousand square miles. The path from the southernmost continental point to the northernmost one is almost 600 miles and may take 9 hours of driving. If we add the distance to constituent islands in the south, you will require more time and effort to get there. So, how and what should or shouldn't you do to make your road trip across Floridian Peninsula successful and joyful? 

Travel by points

The first conclusion that comes out of the state's size is that traveling by plane is more profitable in terms of time. Then, you go to one of the numerous car rentals in FLL and choose your wheels. For example, you land in Fort Lauderdale, exotic car rental is there for you. Explore the city's with a picked-up vehicle, attend Zoo, Museum of Science, or head to the Everglades National Park. You may even hit the road to Homestead and North Key Largo. With a car with unlimited mileage, nothing can stop you from getting your thrill out of the journey. 

After that, drop off your rented wheels in the closest rental office and gear up for a new flight, for example, to Jacksonville. There you will have a new local car and new adventures. To set everything up, use a rental supplier website or app. Thus, you will choose the best available deal remotely.

Do if:

  • you are ready to plan night stops, meals, and activities ahead;
  • you have backpacks;
  • you are eligible for the car rental option (an exotic rental car is only for drivers over 25).

Don't do if:

  • you decide on the go – you will overpay;
  • need much baggage with you;
  • you have children or older people in your team, as long as it might not be the vacation they need.

Arrange a one-way road trip

Here comes the second idea. Limitation in time is not a decisive factor. Still, you can go for a road trip, even if you have a few days on your hands. The itinerary may be a bit changed, compared to the first suggestion. You should select a route that you can handle within the period. It may be Orlando with the neighboring beaches or the path along the eastern coast from Jacksonville to St. Augustine. 

The point is to see as much as possible but not drive as much as possible. You will stop where you want to attend favorite landmarks, take pictures, or relax. For that purpose, you may rent a vehicle with unlimited mileage for a one-way trip, pick it up at a Jacksonville rental office and drop it somewhere in Orlando. 

What challenges may you face? They are related to sojourn accommodations, parking for your wheels, and weather. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that you can always find parking lots in overnight stay areas. You can have a tent with you or find a cheap motel. Moreover, there are rules and traffic signs for free parking. If you follow them, you will spend less money.


  •  experience a slow-living;
  •  find a comfortable rental car;
  •  read about parking tips;


  • try to visit every city in Florida but choose one short route;
  • overpay without searching for the cheapest options.

Watch out for the hurricanes in Florida

Please, take that seriously! That is vividly important for tourists to check the weather prognoses and, speaking about onshore Florida, hurricane forecasts. The Atlantic Ocean sends cyclones and storms from June to October. The stormy weather intensity, the speed of the wind, and the height of waves always deviate, so various consequences and requirements are. Statistically, the most dangerous period is in August.

Annually, locals of the suffering area, especially on the Keys, get themselves ready with kits of necessary things for the case of emergency and required evacuation. They secure their houses to harden them because of the possible occurrence of floods, tropical storms, and crushing hurricanes. With the wind faster than 75 miles per hour, that is far from your being safe and sound. 


  • Check the hurricane broadcast while planning your trip;
  • Get a plan B in case of emergency and own an emergency kit;
  • Write down the telephone numbers of rescue teams;


  • Travel to the places with a high probability of destructing hurricanes;
  • Risk your life.


In this article, you have found more information about the Southern State and what actions you'd better perform or avoid. Some of them would simply make your vacation more pleasant, while others would literally save your life. Take our tips and ideas on additional preparations into consideration. Then, gather fellow travelers, plan the route, and pack all the required staff. We wish you a great trip!



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