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Aside from technology, there is another thing that continues to connect everyone worldwide—the English language. Many people have opted to learn the language by using some of the best language exchange apps or taking a business online English course. These are just a few ways to improve your English pronunciation.

If you're not looking to spend money on speaking English fluently, then we have the thing just for you! Below is a list of common English pronunciation mistakes to avoid to improve your English pronunciation. By the end of this article, it's no longer a question of how to improve pronunciation skills in English but why the need to improve it is also part of what we'll be discussing!

Top Five Mistakes People Often Make When Speaking English

Before knowing our tips on improving pronunciation skills in English, you should first know what to avoid when seeking to improve your English pronunciation. After all, English isn't all about grammar and pronunciation. The language also involves a mix of practice, memory, and heavy-duty studying. If you’re looking for the secret on how to improve pronunciation skills in English, then this is it!

Stop pronouncing each word exactly as it is spelled.

The English language is not phonetic, making learning a challenge for most people who aren't used to it. Pronouncing words how it's spelled may have worked for other languages, but it doesn't work that way with English. Don't worry. It's a common concern most English learners encounter. However, learning to avoid issues and situations like this one helps you improve your English pronunciation skills. You can also try and use one of the best language exchange apps to do a little bit of research from your first language to English.

Getting the different consonant blend sounds mixed up.

Besides learning short and long vowel sounds, you also need good hearing to distinguish the various sounds each consonant blend makes! Most people often get confused when differentiating the harsher “th” between the softer “th” sounds. This case is particularly evident with people mixing up “through” and “though.” Maybe even “that” and “this” when all of these words are used in one statement. But you shouldn't worry, this mistake will lead you to improve your English pronunciation and if avoiding this won't work, take a business English course online to learn more about it!

You forget to pronounce the last syllable of a word.

Believe it or not, parts of words are not treated as equals. Some neglect to correctly pronounce the last syllable of a few words, making most English language experts think that maybe learners don't think of it as equally important as the first parts of a word. It doesn't like it does matter so much but failing to pronounce a word's last syllable shows your English language fluency level. Besides, it could lead to misspellings and poor grammar. The more you get used to neglecting the last syllable could cost you so much more.

You are neglecting to apply proper intonation tones.

Much like forgetting to pronounce a word's last syllable, some people neglect to apply proper intonation tones. What they don't know is that intonation tones can make or break a connection. Placing the right emphasis on syllables helps you make your relationships with other people stronger or weaker. It's totally up to you, but you wouldn't want a business deal to fall through simply because of a minor intonation tone error, would you? Taking a business English course online would help you improve your English pronunciation. Aside from that, you wouldn't have to keep asking how to improve your pronunciation skills in English if you have a knowledgeable guide by your side!

People tend to speak too fast.

Another thing that makes you need to improve your English pronunciation skills is that you might speak too fast. Trying to get your point across is trickier when you talk too fast. It makes all other mistakes harder to avoid. Most Native English speakers tend to struggle with this problem. Communication is about speaking with the intent to be comprehensive. Slowing down is also key to improving your pronunciation skills. You don't always have to be fast. It would be best if you had enough time to get your point across.

Why The Need To Improve Your English Pronunciation

In addition to communication and making conversation, improving your English pronunciation also gives you the power to make an excellent first impression. Our first statement should be enough for you to understand the need to improve your English pronunciation. Having fluent English speaking capabilities is now a necessity that also applies outside of your workplace. Besides, you can learn this from one of the best language exchange apps on your phone!

Being a fluent English-speaking professional should add to your appeal as a member of the workforce and your personality and charisma. It also gives off the idea that you are capable of more than just necessary communication skills.

There are other reasons for you to improve your English skills. However, some reasons are for you to find out. Start taking our tips to heart to ensure that your fluency in the English language will soon skyrocket!

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