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Double Bed vs. Queen Size Bed: Which One to Choose

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Beds are available in various sizes. Even though few of us may understand what the sizes actually signify, this is nothing new. The narrow twin beds are available; we have them. Additionally, king beds are very spacious. But what about double beds and queen beds? Our knowledge of them ends with the fact that they are larger than twins and smaller than kings. We probably couldn't explain the specific distinction between them if someone asked us to.

In this article, we are further going to delve into the size, advantages, and other factors you need to consider when choosing between a double bed and a queen-size bed. 


But when it comes down to it, double beds and queen beds actually differ from one another. In actuality, there are a few variations. In comparison to double beds, queen beds are 6 inches broader. Queen beds are 60 inches broad compared to double beds' 54 inches. Also 5 inches longer than double beds are queen beds. Queen beds are 80 inches long compared to double beds' 75 inches. These might not seem like a lot, but anyone who has ever shared a bed understands how much a few extra square inches can mean.


Today, double beds for one person are used in the majority of houses and motels. They are also utilised by two young kids, a thin teen, or an elderly person. Each individual will only have 27 inches of personal space if two people use the bed, which is inadequate. Due to this, most residences and motels do not have double beds for two people.

But you ought to be familiar with these beds. Double beds were typically reserved for couples in lower-class families from the 1800s to about 1950. However, when couples started choosing to share queen-sized beds in the 1960s, everything changed. A double bed could be excessively short for certain tall adults in addition to providing only 27 inches of sleep area for each pair of adults.

Couples frequently utilise queen beds, which are the second-most common bed size in America behind king-sized beds. These mattresses offer two adults a comfortable 30 inches of sleeping space. Additionally, the 80-inch length will comfortably fit tall adults.


Double beds typically come in a single size and are solely interchangeable with full beds. These two beds are the same size, so their names can be used interchangeably. All double beds belong to one type.

There are various types of queen beds. The Olympic Queen, California Queen, and Standard Queen are available. The California Queen bed is the same width as a regular Queen bed and is 4 inches longer. Its dimensions are 60 by 84 inches. The Olympic Queen bed, on the other hand, measures 66 x 80 inches. This indicates that it has the same length as a conventional Queen bed but is 6 inches wider.


Hope this article resolves your queries about factors to consider to choose between a Double Bed and Queen Size bed. When you are ready to buy a bed online, do consider the style, the material, and your budget as well. 


Happy bed shopping!



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