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Double Chin Liposuction in Egypt

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Double chin Liposuction in Egypt removes fat underneath the skin of the chin and neck area through a small incision performed under the skin where a small tube is inserted and sucks out the fat to sculpt the chin and neck contour.

The chin and neck are the easiest areas to perform liposuction in your body, it’s performed under local anesthetic just to numb the area and is carried out in the doctor’s clinic without hospital admission and with relatively no recovery time.


Under general anesthesia, the surgeon removes fat as well as loose, saggy skin in the chin and neck, this procedure is highly effective in removing the double chin.


Neck-lift different types of procedures all aim to remove extra skin and fats and tighten neck muscles to improve the neck and chin contours. In most cases, doctors combine a traditional facelift with a neck lift for better outcomes.

 Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal

With a less invasive option, Dr. Ali Gaber ensured that you could get rid of the double chin by injecting a chemical substance that dissolves the fat which the body would get rid of later.

 Deoxycholic acid is a natural substance produced in your body to dissolve dietary fat, this substance is injected into the skin to dissolve the fat under the skin in the chin.


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