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Dr. Stone is coming back with the second installment in the franchise, and the new trailer reveals new plots, characters, and a new goal for the protagonist, Senku Ishigami.

Season 1 was undoubtedly the best thing that had happened in the year 2020, and TMS Entertainment is ready for another round of absolute scientific discoveries.

After the finale, fans were not expecting another season in the Dr. Stone franchise. In the conclusion of season 1, Senku reveals that the founder of Ishigami Village was his father all along. Now that fans know about the past, present, and future, there was no need for another reason, but some questions were unanswered, including the antibiotics’ arc.

Dr. Stone Season 2 release date

After ending the first season in February 2020, the anime is returning for season 2 on January 14th, 2021, and the hype is real. Although the anime hasn’t reached the same chapter as the manga, fans had a fair share of excitement for the second season and what revelations it holds.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Plot

The series will pick up the phase with Senku’s conflict between the Kingdom of Science. In the last season, fans witnessed the Empire of Might and how Tsukasa Shishio wanted to create the stone age’s utter world with no advancement and how Senku wanted the opposite after the mysterious flash of light that turned everything into the stone age. Fans will witness some fantastic battles of technology between Senku and Tsukasa Shishio. There is also a possibility that Taiju and Yuzuriha might come back to Senku after being brainwashed by Tsukasa’s empire members.

Fans might witness the romantic side of the show where Ruri might finally confess her feelings to Senku, or she could turn to Chrome as a potential partner because Senku might not be the perfect partner. After all, he only cares about science and discoveries.

What to expect from the second season of Dr. Stone

Although Dr. Stone is not a fighting anime, there were some instances in the first season where characters fought with their life on the line to protect their vision. However, the second season will be more comedic as fans always liked the show for its comedy in the first place. The comedic characters include Ruri, Taiju Oki, Yuzuriha Ogawa, Suika, and more. Fans should fasten their seatbelts as the new season will sharpen your skills in stone-age technology, science, and real experiments of everyday objects.


There are so many shows premiering in 2021, and to make an impression among mammoths like the Attack On Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Horimiya, Dr. Stone might have to rely on other tactics to win amongst the big players because a slice-of-life science anime might not make the cut this time.

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