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Drip campaigns are a series of automated emails that you send to your audience to take some action. For every action, you choose the number of emails as per demand to get a better return on investment. If you use an intelligent email marketing automation tool, you can personalize your drip campaign to make it more relevant and interesting.

Table of Contents

  1. What is drip campaign marketing?
  2. Advantages of drip email marketing
    • Time saver
    • Nurture your leads
    • Edit the information
  3. How to use drip campaigns?
  4. How do drip campaigns work and do they matter?
  5. Conclusion

This type of email marketing is highly appreciated for any type of business especially when you have an online store. For example, you can send drip emails about any of your online courses or to the people who have left the cart abandoned.

This is a kind of multi-step communication stream that can be used to convince your users. Drip campaigns are a popular tool and working for years, many people are still unaware of what are they and how they work.

While creating a drip campaign, you have to be a little tricky with the customization and personalization to nurture your campaigns.

What Is Drip Campaign Marketing?

Drip marketing or drip campaign marketing is sending a limited number of emails to your clients in an automated way. You can set the timing of your drip email campaign based on the taken action. Previously, it was not so easy to send emails to the audience manually to the audience to make get in touch.

What is drip campaign | Mumara

Now, things have changed with the arrival of marketing automation tools. You can draft a beautiful email campaign and send it to the targeted audience in a targeted way. You can send a marketing drip campaign when someone places an order, signs up for the newsletter, abandons a shopping cart, has no action from a customer for a long time, etc.

You can send emails in a fresh way with the emails that a user expects. For example, 74% of the users expect to receive welcome emails as soon as they sign up for your service or newsletter. If you want to stand out in the market, you have to send a ‘Thank You’ or a ‘Welcome’ email to start the communication process.

For example, if we talk about abandoned cart emails, these emails can be sent to remind the users to come back to the cart and make the final purchases.

Advantages of Drip Email Marketing

There are many benefits of drip marketing. Using this method, you can effortlessly get in touch with your audience in the most professional way. Along with it, you can save your time and effort to go on with the flow. Further, you do not need to have a larger team for every client.

Time Saver

The best part of the drip campaign is that is a time saver because you send it via an email marketing automation tool. These tools are technically designed to make things happen the way you want.

drip campaign is time saving | Mumara

There are many marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, Mumara, Hubspot, etc. available in the market for your automation process. All you need to select the best one according to your requirements. You have to design your chain of messages and set it at once to let them work for you.

Your customer will get the messages in the predefined times and space to take some action. This is one of the best ways to nurture your leads undoubtedly. Your marketing automation tool works for you and you need to focus on your product.

Nurture Your Leads

The drip marketing campaign is good to nurture your leads. For example, you send a cold email to a client and he opens it up to visit your website. Now is the time to start a communication with him. You can start by saying thanks for viewing your website and asking them to sign up for the free trial.

Lead nurturing | Mumara

When he signs up for the free trial, now is the time to send the email drip campaign that convinces him to upgrade it to one of the paid plans. If your product is of high value, there are many chances that the user will sign up for the paid plan.

You have to make your email marketing strategy streamline things. It can take more than two emails and all you need is to send it at the perfect time. A consistent strategy is needed to convert the leads into sales.

Edit the Information

If you set some outdated or incorrect drip campaign, you can edit it whenever you want. By using an email automation tool, you can edit the chain of messages. Further, it is up to you to add or minimize the information as per requirements.

Another benefit of a drip campaign is that the user receives the relevant information. For example, you have preselected emails to send to the user who has recently signed up for your newsletter or product services.

The automated system will get active to send the relevant emails to that particular persona at the right time. There is no way to send irrelevant emails to a user until you made a mistake while scheduling your drip campaign.

How to Use Drip Campaigns?

Drip campaigns are created to send the targeted message at the right time. Time and space are among the most important factors in email marketing. It means that you have to be conscious while sending an email campaign. For example, you design an email that needs to be sent to the people living in the USA.

how to do drip campaigns | Mumara

It is your duty to send it according to the USA time zone. Your email campaign will have no value if you send it to a user sitting in the USA while you are in living in Asia and sending it according to your time zone. Along with it, bombarding too many emails will bring no results.

All you need is to send the relevant information. What if you design a drip campaign for the people living in a hot climate and you send them emails about the items that are likely to be used by the people living in cold climates.

Whether you want to send triggers on a specific date or any other drip campaign, it is up to you, the point is automation emails are easy to connect with the right person. As we have mentioned in the above lines you can send welcome emails, and start a communication process.

This will help you to open a line of communication to send the relevant information. Along with it, you can easily turn the lead into a sale if you keep reminding yourself about the abandoned cart.

How Do Drip Campaigns Work and Do They Matter?

Drip campaigns are more important to online businesses. It saves a lot of time for you once you start an automation process. Instead of writing too many emails and sending them to the audience manually is the story of the past.

how drip campaigns work? | Mumara

Now you can use an email automation tool to design a beautiful drip campaign and send it to the targeted audience. Along with it, you can feed the relevant content to the audience in the most sophisticated way without spending hours.

You can also set a simple form to collect the relevant details via custom fields. You can send customized and personalized emails in an inch-perfect manner. Moreover, you do not need to write welcome or thank you emails every time because this content is already there to be sent to the right person.

With the drip campaign, you will be able to send a series of emails to the user to get to know about the brand and product.


To conclude, we can say that a drip campaign can bring a lot of benefits and ROI for your business. You craft your email campaign in the most effective way to convince your audience. We suggest you a better relevant email automation tool that helps you take your business to the next level.


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