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With vast improvement in lifestyles, often alcohol consumption is related by many effluents as a status symbol. Not only individuals from higher income group but very often people from middle or lower income groups as well fall prey to excessive alcohol use.

Individuals especially DOT employees such as truck or bus driver, train engineer, pipeline worker, pilot, subway operator, coast guard, etc., when test positive for the use of alcohol, drugs or delay or refuse alcohol drug assessment tests may be removed from job or blocked from working.

Such individual are required to submit a detailed alcohol drug assessment assuring no influence or effect of alcohol abuse before returning to work.

Alcohol Drug Assessment

A complete alcohol drug assessment is also referred as alcohol or substance abuse evaluation encompasses screening, assessment, follow-up and referral services.

Drug evaluations based on scientific findings can pave path for better and more organized rehabilitation program.

Screening of persons involved in drug or alcohol abuse helps establishing extent of impact of alcohol or drugs on mental and physical abilities and presence of addiction as well as determining the co-occurring or co-existing disorders.

Whereas, alcohol drug assessment tests indicate the exact nature of existing problem due to alcohol or drug abuse. It helps in focusing on evolving a treatment process based on magnitude or depth of problem.

Based on the findings of alcohol drug assessment, treatment schedule and rehabilitation program can be initiated by referring clients to appropriate treatment resources and specialists. The treatment process needs to be monitored by doctors or professional counselors through regular follow ups.

On the completion of treatment or rehab schedule, return-to-duty test are conducted before their return to the job.

Out of State Alcohol Evaluations

Alcohol and drug evaluations are crucial and quite useful in correcting the drivers as driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance is an offense and usually termed as ‘drunk‘ or ‘drugged driving’.

The driver driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is also referred as ‘Driving While Impaired’ (DWI).

Rules for DUI are to be followed in every state and when convicted driving under influence in other than your native state, you will be required to go for out of state alcohol evaluations there.

People receiving DUI charge, can avail services of companies engaged in drug evaluations as well as alcohol drug assuagements besides within or within or out of states alcohol evaluations.

These companies can help alcohol drug assessments for helping with documentation requirements from state of conviction needed for assessment.

These efficient and professional companies can arrange DUI i.e. driving under influence programs for out of state DUI convictions.

The focus remains on imparting necessary education through individualized as well as group counseling sessions to help you to return to your job.

If you are convicted for DUI and need assistance for out of states alcohol evaluations or alcohol drug assessment, contact Affordable Evaluations the most experienced and methodical company that can help you to return to your careers.

Affordable Evaluations through systematic evaluations can help you to return to duty, rehabilitate yourself and restore your self esteem.

Affordable Evaluations provides substance abuse evaluations, return to work program for DISA, ASAP, DOT and other work-related violations.


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