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It is very true indeed that the consumption of drugs can provoke the matter of mental illness in the human body as it can cause a permanent cognitive damage in the human system, which can also lead towards the cause of suffering with distress psychiatric symptoms depending upon the nature of the drug one in intaking, from the time period of intoxication and also depends on the withdrawal phrase as well. The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus comments that the symptoms and the increase of psychiatric distress can thus lead towards an unpredictable end which can be very risky as well.

According to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India, it is stated that drugs have the utmost tendency to cause mental illness issues and if not treated at the accurate time, it can take a disastrous turn inside the human body. Thus, the side effects may last at a temporary level or can also in a long-term phase, which can gradually cause a serious damage, thus initiating the true recovery process with a clinical attention is indeed required. In such cases, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India, usually recommends the dual-diagnosis treatment which can be termed as necessary to help the patient suffering from such mental pressure. In a treatment process the professionals usually monitor the symptoms of the client for a few days, see the mere changes in weeks ensuring the individual to feel comfortable in every possible manner, whether it is physically, emotionally or mentally. Most importantly, the professionals set the course of a complete recovery and a progressive health ensurity path.

Now, the drug-induced mental disorders impose a very sincere and a more dangerous effective change where the situation is likely to get much worse without the intervention of healing at a higher level. Also, the drugs which play with the mind-altering part of the brain hold a more powerful incentive for the individuals who use them on a more regular basis, but such effects also start causing a more physical and also a psychological toll on the body and mind of the individual. It is a huge danger which can be conducted for a very long-term and can over the years cause a serious degeneration of the mental illness of the individual. The cause of mental-illness can also be done if the user is using drugs for even a short period of time too. There are many such mental disorders which are caused inside our body, some of them are mentioned below. They are as follows:

  • Depression is mainly caused because of the intake of xanax, valium, alcohol, cocaine, adderall, ritalin, opioids, hallucinogens and can even be caused because of prescribed drugs.
  • Bipolarity can be caused because of alcohol, cannabis, combinations of mind altering drugs.
  • Anxiety can be caused due to alcohol, sedatives, heroin, psychostimulants
  • Dementia is caused by psychostimulants and alcohol

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