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Drupal 9 was released five years after version 8. Many features had been added than the previous versions and they are included in this update, this will be very helpful to the users. The future of the web will have positive impacts with Drupal with its new capabilities and enhanced user interface. To cope with this latest launch, hire drupal developers who can help on the use of Drupal 9 for their customers. Here are the brief facts about Drupal 9 that web developers and users need to know:

What are all included in Drupal 9?

Drupal Community says that the majority of Drupal 9 was developed on Drupal 8 with the help of deprecations and optional updated dependency support. Apart from that there are two significant variations in Drupal 9.

  • It supports updates of dependencies to versions
  • Deprecated code is removed from Drupal 8 

Except for these two differences given above, Drupal 9.0 and Drupal 8.9 are mostly the same. 

Features of Drupal 9

Backward compatible 

Drupal 9 is backward compatible or compatible with Drupal 8. Compared with D7 and D8, the D9 can use modules, configurations, and data developed on D8 of the same program. 

The Drupal community has prioritized code breaking over data, so Drupal will continue to be quick and free. If you are a developer then you should be aware that Drupal won't be burdened with outdated baggage, and the system's performance won't be impacted.

Easy to use with flexible customization option

Custom templates will eliminate the possibility of altering all business procedures when switching the content management system. Drupal 9's default template system makes use of the PHP Twig template engine, and it has very simple syntax. 

The system builds templates in PHP in the background and this will give a good user experience. When you hire dedicated drupal developers, they will make use of this flexibility to give better service.

Clean code base

Support for obsolete D8 codes has been dropped in Drupal 9. With this, the Drupal ecosystem will no longer support and use the code that is considered deprecated. The main goal is to create a D9 cleaner version that will help developers.

The end goal is to make the simple code more and enhance the functionality of the website. With the help of the addition of responsive image support in Drupal 9, developers can use mobile devices that will display the best-sized images while using less data.

Headless CMS

You can find the API-first approach is present in both Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. The Drupal community is making use of Headless CMS to improve user experience in the front-end of the website using Javascript frameworks like React or Angular.  

The important features of Drupal Headless CMS you should know are:

  • Front-End Freedom
  • Create once and publish anywhere 
  • Easy sourcing
  • API-First Approach

The enhanced features of Drupal 9 is that: 

  • D9 will be much simpler to use for marketers 
  • D9 is simpler than ever to maintain and upgrade

 Enhanced Media Management

You can now handle media more easily than ever with the Media Library module, which is now a part of Drupal core. Good media management features enable smooth control on handling recent media or adding new ones. 

If you are a Drupal user you would have known that it has long supported photos and other types of media. Drupal 9 improves this feature by adding a generic Media field that supports local audio, video, photographs, and extra files. This feature will be of great help when you hire drupal expert who can incorporate this feature.

Content workflow 

Users of the Workflows module can specify various workflows with the proper transitions and states allowed between them. You can generate content revisions that have been updated in the previous version but have not gone public using the Content Moderation module. The Workspaces module is another exciting experimental addition to the content management features that developers can enjoy. 

This module enables developers to create various new content pieces in a separate but parallel running replica of the live website. The live site can then quickly and in a regulated manner get these content modifications.


Drupal supports multilingual and it comes with core modules, each of which plays a specific function. Features that are pre-installed with Drupal include:

  • The capacity to install Drupal in 100 different foreign languages
  • Content objects like taxonomy words, nodes, and user profiles can be translated
  • Configuration translation, which offers a multiple language interface for translating website setup

Every element of a website can be fully translated using core Drupal modules if you know how to use it. 

Using their IP address, URL, browser settings, and session information, Drupal users can also choose their preferred language. With these features and multilingual options, drupal developers can make the best use of the Drupal 9 updates. 

Theme improvements

A modern and simple front-end theme called Olivero will take the place of the Bartik theme in Drupal 9. It is believed that Drupal 10 will eliminate the Bartik theme. There will be many new features and a stronger emphasis on accessibility with this theme.

The experimental Claro administration theme is getting better. For your additional reports the status report page, views administration UI designs, a clean module administration page, and modifications to the maintenance page are included in Drupal 9.1's updates. 

Advantages of upgrading to Drupal 9

  • Reducing the expense and work involved in development and maintenance.
  • Giving more importance to the beginner. The user experience for brand-new users will be worked on in Drupal 9.
  • Promote the open web by putting an emphasis on usability, security, privacy, inclusivity, and interoperability.
  • Drupal will prove to be competitive in the market with a well-organized data engine. 

Final thoughts

As soon as significant changes take place, the drupal developers community quickly accepts change. And for all these years, Drupal has been able to provide amazing web experiences. With its community's dedication to encouraging innovation and creating something fantastic, Drupal 9 continues to be popular in its field.


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