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DVC: Should You Buy Direct Or Resale

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Disney is THE modern Holiday destination now, especially for families.

Being the global phenomenon they are, they have a range of promotions and deals that could potentially save you a lot of money and give you an even better experience such as their Disney vacation club resort.

This could be an amazing thing for many people however the confusion surrounding it, such as whether you should buy it ‘direct’ or ‘resale’ and A LOT of numbers can be a huge barrier for people to join.

Therefore I will try and ease you into this world, help you find out if this is right for you and where you should buy it from.

What Is DVC

Essentially the DVC (Disney vacation club) is a timeshare that uses points.

This means you can pay regularly (yearly or monthly, it depends on your preference) for a guaranteed spot at different Disney resorts as opposed to upfront payments every time you go.

These points are used as currency for reservation but also various bonuses and exclusives.

The points refresh every year so if you purchase a 300 point package, you will get 300 every year which will refresh on a pre-established date. It can be banked and used the following year however, you can only do this for 3 years maximum.

This is by no means everything about DVC as there is a lot to know before actually purchasing and a lot of the information is variable such as financing, variable dues and interest.

This should just be enough for you to know whether DVC is something you are interested in or not.

Direct or Resale

If the idea of DVC interests you, this is the biggest decision you will have to make – whether you will buy straight from Disney or from second-hand retailers.

Resale does tend to be cheaper but a common misconception with resale is that they are more confusing and more time-consuming than buying directly but this is only when buying with the wrong people.

Websites like DVC resale experts greatly streamline the process making it much easier and quicker than other 3rd parties, with guides and a simple interface so that you know exactly what you need to before purchasing.

They offer various financing options as well so you can be more flexible in your buying.

I won’t be able to detail everything about DVC here so visit the links for a better idea of the whole process.

Buying disney vacation club directly does have some undeniable advantages, such as the fact that it usually applies to every resort Disney has available while resale may not have all of the newer resorts.

Visit here to see every resort you can buy from resellers.

There are also specific member events and benefits you may not get if bought second-hand but this depends on where you stay and at what time of the year.

Furthermore, buying resale means you are subject to the people selling so if no one is selling the exact amount of points you want or the resort you want then you will have to settle for more or less than you planned, as opposed to buying directly from Disney.

Final thoughts

If you were waiting for a simple one-word answer, I’m sorry to disappoint.

It is more complicated than one or the other as there are many factors to consider and each has its benefits to different people.

For example, for people who want to stay at a different resort every single year buying directly may be better as you value the pure number of resorts more. Meanwhile, someone who knows exactly what resort they like rather than moving between them may be more satisfied with buying resale and the value it can offer.

Once again, DVC resale experts do a great job at breaking this down and they show that buying from Disney isn’t the only choice as the House of Mouse may want you to believe.

They give more choice to the average customer which is always a good thing so visit them and find out what is best for you!

Original Source: https://optimisticmommy.com/dvc-should-you-buy-direct-or-resale/


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